Review: Colgate White One


Looking after my teeth is very important to me. 
I have a few fillings and only 2 years ago I had to have one 
of my teeth removed after it cracked and I was in a lot of pain. 

I have always brushed my teeth twice a day but would 
love my teeth to be more whiter which is why I have tried
whiting products such as pearl drops in hope that they would work. 

When I heard of Colgate's Max White One toothpaste
and brush range I knew that I wanted to give the products a try. 

Colgate Max White One is clinically proven to make teeth one shade whiter in  just one week. 
The toothpaste contains white accelerator micro- crystals , so when you brush 
the formula releases a high cleaning silica ( an ingredient used my dentists). 

The New look Colgate Max White One comes in two NEW variants fresh and active. 
Max White One is designed to safely remove stains and prevent the build up of tartar 
helping to achieve one shade whiter in one week. 

Using the brand NEW Colgate Max White One 360 manual brush helps
your teeth with an even more effective stain removal. 


Colgate Max White One Toothpaste retails at £3.99 for 75ml 
Colgate Max White One 360 Toothbrush retails at £4.07 

from all major retailers. 

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