June Giveaway Day 1: Colgate Max White One

Colgate Max White One is clinically proven to make teeth one shade whiter in  just one week. 
The toothpaste contains white accelerator micro- crystals , so when you brush 
the formula releases a high cleaning silica ( an ingredient used my dentists). 

The New look Colgate Max White One comes in two NEW variants fresh and active. 
Max White One is designed to safely remove stains and prevent the build up of tartar 
helping to achieve one shade whiter in one week. 

For your chance to win one of two tubes of Colgate's Max White One
complete the rafflecopter below

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Unknown said...

thank you for the competition..

laura avery said...

Your blog is so preety love the cath kidstone style background, very eye catching, Thankyou for the competion, hope you have a great June xx

Unknown said...

Thanks hun xx

Anonymous said...

hi great comp, just started today to entering blog comps so if i made any mistake then sorry..

George Worboys Wright said...

Thanks for running this comp :)

adelleg3 said...

fab comp thanks :)

laura avery said...

Thanks for the competion x

Unknown said...

Looking forward to more posts x

Georgina prince said...

i had a sample of this, it's pretty good! xx

buchanl said...

great giveaway - thanks

Unknown said...


choux pastry hearts said...

thank you for all the comps :)

Unknown said...

yay for colgate! @mandsmanc

Unknown said...

Thanks for the competition.

Unknown said...

would love to win :)

Sophie Foulds said...

Great competition :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for a great blog and competition

cheryl100 said...

Great comp!

Pooky said...

Fab competition! Would love to win.

matphil said...

Lovely blog thanks.

Hilda Hazel Wright said...

Thanks for the competition! Whitening toothpaste always handy as I drink too much coffee and red wine and I'm not prepared to stop ;-)

Alicia Roberts said...

Thank you for this competition! Just wanted to say also that we seem to have the exact same tastes :)

Unknown said...

I could really do with some of this!

Anonymous said...

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