Bookworm: #1

The Cupid Effect
 By Dorothy Koomson. 

I found this book to be incredibly cheesy to me it's just another 
romance novel. 
The storyline was just predictable about a girl ,who wants
love and goes through loads of things and maybe one day gets it.
This book was the first that Koomson got published 
and I have read one of her books before and thought this was just 
lacking compared to the other book.  

Ah Lesley Pearse one of my favourite authors after reading her book Belle,
I now have a collection of her books sitting my shelf . 

As usual Pearse writes in away that once the story gets going 
you just don't want to put the book down.
The suspense was killing me whilst reading the book
with what was going to happen next. 
The basics of the book is that Fifi falls in love with Dan.
Her parents don't get to know him and immediately judge him 
as he isn't from the middle class background, so they get married in secret and 
move away to London. But Fifi is fascinated by her neighbours and what 
goes on behind close doors. 

I recently came across The British Library where in there online shop you are able
to buy a range of gifts books, stationary, jewellery, accessories etc. 
You can even get these map of London cufflinks.
On looking on the website I have fallen in love with Alice in Wonderland 
book page brooch. 

The British Library also has a section on Business Planning which is a great 
read for those of you who want to get more info on setting up there own 
business I know on a few occasions I have thought about doing just that.  

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Admin said...

I'm not one for reading books. Having little children means I don't get much time so I usually read online instead. I do love those cuff links though :-)