Healthy Snacks

Today is my Birthday so I have made sure I have scheduled this post in advance
since I won't be around. 

Since starting slimming world in January I have been on the look out for more 
Healthy snacks to munch on. 

I've heard of Naked snack bars before, if you're on slimming world I am unsure
how many syns they will be I'll have to find out. 
For those that are not on slimming world these bars can be a healthy part of your diet. 

I will write more about Naked snacks bars in another post as I am trying them out for 
a review and am waiting for them to arrive in the post. 

There are loads of healthy, fun and tasty foods out their for you to snack on 
my favourites so far are: 
- Bananas, strawberries and mango
- Low fat yoghurts, my favourite being Muller Light
- veg sticks; mainly carrots. I want to have a go at making 
my own slimming world friendly dip to try with them at some point. 

These are just a few yummy ideas but there are so many more out there
to keep you full, happy and healthy. 

Would you like to comment?

laura avery said...

Have a wonderful birthday hun x

Angela K Webster said...

Happy Birthday for yesterday! I haven't tried Naked bars yet. I've heard good things though.

Jayne said...

A bit late but, happy birthday!

Ria said...

Happy birthday for yesterday! Carrots and houmous are my favourite healthy snacks :)

Ria x

Leanne Cornelius said...

Belated happy birthday!
I love Nak'd bars - some of the chocolate flavours are great for when I'm craving sugary snacks. x

Healthy said...

Seeds and Nuts are a great addition to your diet, all very healthy but also very tasty. Also belated happy birthday!