Guest post: Kirsty's Summer Manifesto

Hi guys, my name is Kirsty and I run the blog, Kirstyheart. I love to blog about family life, setting goals, DIY crafts, where we go and even the personal stuff too. Today I am here to share with you my Summer Manifesto.

Summer is my absolute favorite season.
The colours, the extra light in the evenings, the fresh fruit, the great excuse to just get outside.
So this year I am creating a Summer Manifesto to jot down my goals for the next six weeks or so. 


Every single one of them I am looking forward to and they start right now. 
  1. star gaze with Gary
  2. dip my toes in the ocean
  3. go on a family bike ride
  4. run alot
  5. make ice-lollies
  6. read a new book
  7. get a massage
  8. write a letter to Archie
  9. take photo's
  10. climb Shutlingsloe
  11. visit the zoo
  12. climb a tree
  13. go fishing
  14. watch a sunset
  15. plant veggies
  16. go dancing
  17. take a new class
  18. go out for breakfast
  19. sunbathe with my headphones on
  20. go roller-skating
  21. buy an inflatable paddling pool
  22. visit a flea market
  23. make something for the house
  24. laugh through it
  25. enjoy it immensely.

What are your goals for this Summer?

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