Random Musings #2

Just because I like lists. 

- This evening = slimming world hopefully 1 or 2 more lbs will be off this week 
am really getting annoyed as it seems to be slowing down recently. 
I have found that since I hit the 2 1/2 stone mark back in May I on 
average have been loosing 1/2lb - 1lb per week when before I was loosing an average of 2lb 
a week. 

- Why oh why when I have no income do I have so much I need want to save up for. 

- I recently applied for a job got a letter in the post saying I have an interview
on a date that doesn't exist ( Monday 25th July 2012) so I assumed it was to be
on July 25th this year and was going to ring them nearer the time to confirm my 
attendance. However yesterday I receive an email from them saying my application 
hasn't been successful.  So now I am a little confused as to what is going on
and am currently awaiting to hear back from them. 

- I really need a holiday, me and Stuart haven't even had a honeymoon yet (financial reasons as to why) 
and lots of people on my facebook timeline seem to be going somewhere for a week or two 
and it kinda making me feel down in the dumps about the whole thing.