Thrifty and Nifty: How I made my own Body Scrub

Recently I have been reading books on being more thrifty, mainly
as I see myself as a beginner in all things thrifty and nifty. 

Last week whilst I was in bath and was doing my usual body skincare routine.
I use body scrub at least once a week in the bath and on this occasion 
I had happened to use the last bit up. 

Which got me thinking that there just had to be a way of making my own 
at the fraction of the cost. 

I started by researching the good old wide web for ideas
and came across plenty that I will try in the future. 
However an idea struck me as a lot of scrubs contain oils
and I had the perfect cheats way of making my own scrub bingo!

So what did I do? 

Well it was very simple I remembered that I was sent some 
skin revivals products to review that I wasn't that keen on 
and one of the products  happened to be the Organic facial cleansing oil. 

So all I did was clean out the jar for my previous body scrub and 
mix some granulated sugar with the facial cleansing oil. 

I tried it out and works just as good as my usual body scrub
and the great thing is the facial oil isn't going to go to waste.