Ultimate Summer Driving Playlist

Moneysupermarket want to know what your Ultimate Summer Driving Playlist
I love music and listen to a wide range of music, so 
this is kind of a hard task for me as I could really be here all day, if not all night. 
So anyway here are five  of my main ultimate summer driving playlist songs/albums.

1. Snow Patrol Eyes Open Album 
I can't choose just one song from this album (not the slow sleepy songs though)
I remember first listening to this album when I was a college student
and the mother of the girl I was helping with, 
would play this album whenever we went out anywhere in the car.

2. The Beatles Here Comes The Sun
I am a huge fan of The Beatles and this is a very summery song. 
My Dad was also a huge fan of The Beatles as well so no matter
what song by The Beatles I listen to they always make me think of him,
now that he is not here with us. 

3. Summer Night City- ABBA 
I am also a huge fan of ABBA so this summery song
has to be on my playlist.

4. Summer of 69 Bryan Adam's
mainly as its so catchy and has a summery feel to it

5. It's My Life - Bon Jovi 
because its about living while you are alive
and doing what you want to do and summer is all about having fun!

What are your ultimate summer driving songs?