Competition Wins May- July

One of my better comping months so far this year. 
- I won £10 at the local May fair tombola
-  a W7 make up goodie bag 
- Heelys rollerskate shoes (currently trying to sell) 

This cute cat bag ( which is also for sale) 

Designer T-shirt from Eco- Boutique 

£100 Hilton Hotel gift card

June I didn't have any wins at all 


- Nights stay 2nd August in Brighton as I can't go I have passed this on to a friend
- I also have won an exciting competition which I am not aloud to tell I am a winner yet 
- A box of  goodies from Child's farm 

Last of all is this Doodle Diner from a blog comp

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Leanne Cornelius said...

Some great wins! I'm particularly jealous of the Hilton voucher! x

Kim Carberry said...

Ohh well done x

Jane C English said...

Well done, not had a good month for competition wins for me just a book.

Unknown said...

Some great wins! How cute is the bag! x