Holidays in 2014

Now that summer is over and winter is fast approaching its time to start thinking
about saving ready to go away next year. 

I am hoping that we are able to go away at some point next year even if its
just for a long weekend. 

So whether you plan on looking for  Cruise Deals for 2014  or a holiday on the beach whether in the UK or abroad
its time to get saving. 

Here are some Thrifty Holiday tips: 

- Once you know what sort of holiday you want sort out a set budget. 

- Set up a holiday fund and pay in a set amount each month which you can afford. 

-  Stick to your budget and pay up front so you have no nasty surprises

- Make sure your budget includes spending money, travel costs and food (if your self catering) 

- You don't have to go abroad why not see what holidays you can go on within the UK. 

- Look for Ideas for free days/trips out around where you plan to holiday

- Find out what concessions are available to you for travel for eg due to my hearing disability I am able to get
1/3 off  rail travel. There are other concessions available too. 

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K Mayers said...

We've been on a few cruises before (though we're older than you - even got grandkids to prove it lol). We celebrated our 35th anniversary last year in Cuba would you believe? Never imagined going there before but came into some money & grabbed the chance. This year we've already set up a Baltic cruise & been paying for it at a regular rate so we know it'll all be paid for :)