Review: MyRugStore Mossoul Amady Red and Gold Rug

 The people at MyRugStore sent me their 
Mossoul Amady Red and Gold Rug to show you.
 The rug retails at £149 however MyRugStore are selling it for £99
for the 80 x 160 cm and £339 for the 170 x 240 cm. 

On the 14th November MyRugStore will be holding a SALE with up 
to 50% off so it would be fab time to have a look at 
what they have on offer!
The SALE will be on ALL items!

MyRugstore sell a range of different rugs: 
- Traditional 
- Modern 
- Shaggy
- wool rugs
are just a few of the types you can buy.  

The Mossoul Amady Red and Gold Rug is one of their most
popular designs and are made with superior quality designed to bring
Luxury and style to your living room. 

- 100% wool 
- a lovely burgundy and gold colour
- High quality
- comes in two sizes

- May not be everyone's cup of tea
- would only suit a traditional style home
- cost is still pretty high in my books

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fullafizzy said...

indeed expensive, but looks quality