Bookworm: When God Was A Rabbit

So my second read this month is When God Was A Rabbit by Sarah Winman. 
I finished the book on Tuesday after taking longer than I would have hoped
to finish it, I have been so busy recently I not really had time to just sit 
back and relax and read as much as I would have liked. 

I have actually run out of books to read so I've now had to make a trip to the library and
picked out three more reads for the next month. 

I came across this book after hearing about it on another blog and decided to get a copy
after there was a pretty long waiting list at my local library to take it out. 

The book is about a brother and sister., a book about secrets, about starting over, friendship, family, tragedy and
everything in between.

A story of Elly who has lost her innocence, a magical story of growing up and the power of family ties.
When God Was A Rabbit follows the love and secrets between Elly and her brother Joe, and her increasing concern for her friend Jenny Penny who has a secret of her own. 

I wont tell you any more other than I really enjoyed the story and its such an easy read.