Most people will know that moving can be a stressful time, which can be more so when moving
when you are pregnant. 
On Saturday Stuart and I moved into a 2 bed flat which will be our 5th home in 6 years! 

We have moved quiet a lot but am hoping now this is a place we can settle down 
and live in for the next 5 years or so (hopefully). 
The many homes we have lived in have never really felt like home to me. 

The first place we moved into together when I moved out of my parents home was
a lovely 2 bed flat. We imagined that we would stay there for years and would one
day be able to live there with a child. 
This of course didn't happen Stuart was made redundant and I had just left college 
and we were in the middle of a recession. 
We just couldn't afford the place. 

We decided that the only way was up and moved into a bedsit.
The bedsit wasn't the best of places with all the rooms being off a communal hall way, 
the walls being thin and a horrible neighbor etc.
 But I was working at a nursery down the road and the bills were all included so it was a good starting point. 
Until the neighbor got too much for us and we moved to Luton. 

When we moved to Luton we moved into an  just about affordable studio apartment. 
We hated living in Luton mainly as Stuart missed living in Leighton Buzzard has he had lived
there all his life plus I had really loved living in Leighton Buzzard as well So we decided this was going
to be a temp place until we could afford to move back. 
Which happened quiet soon thankfully as Stuart got a proper full time job.
Even though the job i had at the time came to an end. 

On moving back to Leighton Buzzard Stuart moved to a new job not long after 
which was fab and he still working there now :) 
We had planned on staying in this one bed place for awhile as
we were fed up of moving around. 
But of course I am now pregnant so really needed to move to this 2 bed place. 

We are really happy in our new home and feel that it is the best place for us to live.
The area is fab as we have noticed the area is filled with families, I feel that 
for the first time since Stuart and I have been together that we actually do feel like we can call this place 

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Kim Carberry said...

I hope you will be happy in your new home! x