PCOS Awareness Month 2014

It's September again which means it's PCOS Awareness month. 
I have wrote about PCOS before which you can read here about what PCOS is and
also the symptoms of having PCOS. 

I was diagnosed with PCOS back in 2005 when I was 15 and never really learnt much about
the condition. 

PCOS can be a cause of weight gain which until 2013 I used as an excuse for being obese. 
Enough was enough though and in 2013 rocking the scales at nearly 17 and half stone and 
a size 22 I chose to change my life and start to eat healthily and exercise. 
As of March this year I had lost just over 6 stone and was only 1 stone 3lb away from my target
weight of 10 stone and was fitting in size 12/14 clothing.

In April of this year before I was able to get to my target weight I found out that 
I am expecting my first child due in December.
PCOS can also be a cause of infertility which was one thing I was worried about
if I hadn't decided to loose weight I can honestly say that I wouldn't be 
pregnant now. 

I am going to be honest and say that conceiving this baby wasn't easy.
I had numerous hospital appointments and had to go on fertility drugs and 
this baby was conceived on my fourth round of Clomid.
Even then once I found out I was pregnant it took a week to sink 
in as I was in shock, I believe this is due to thinking that I would never
have children due to this condition.
So to other women who have this condition don't give up hope, 
 make changes for the better but most importantly don't let 
PCOS rule your life. 

Its a condition you will always have but a condition that can be controlled.
You just have to see the right professionals and find the best way for you
to ease your symptoms and enjoy life. 

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