Finding a Property in London

Buying your own home is tough right now due to prices going up and also 
 you need what feels like a huge amount of money for a deposit. 

Renting is also pricey at the moment with rental prices going up. 
So saving for a deposit is out of the question for us. 

Living in Bedfordshire means that we are pretty close to London 
which is hence why prices near us are really high as we are on the 
direct train route. 

If you have enough money for a deposit and  want to find a property for sale in London 
than its worth having a look at what Strutt and Parker have on offer. 
Its also a good idea to see what's out there from time to time and
how prices change I am always looking to see what prices are like
to give me an idea of how much we would need to save to actually
own our own home.

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