Christmas Giveaway Day 8

My Christmas Giveaways are back!
As a Thank you for all my followers new and old for your support throughout 2014,
I have some lovely prizes for you, you this year. 
Whether a treat for yourself or to pop under the tree for a loved one. 

From the 17th of November until the 29th I will be holding giveaways that will last for one week. 
This gives you plenty of time to enter and that prizes can be sent out before I am due 
to give birth to little pickle and also hopefully so they can arrive before the big day. 

Good Luck

Day 8 we have a set from Amphora Aromatics called "Dem Bones" 

The "Dem Bones" box is a fantastic gift for family and friends. 
The set contains Amphora products to help sooth sore and achy muscles and joints. 

Dem Bones Gift Box contains:
Muscle & Joint Bath Oil 
Muscle & Joint Massage Oil
Muscle & Joint Body Lotion
a Muscle & Joint Gel
Muscle & Joint Gel Super Plus

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