Clothes Shopping Online: Why it's easier when your a Mum

I love shopping and when it comes to clothes shopping I always use to shop in store.
Since having Blake I have found shopping in store for clothing a lot harder. 
I shop online when it comes to baby items, toys, books, Dvds etc so why not with clothes? 
Clothes shopping online can have loads of benefits and I think more so for busy Mums and Dads.

Here are the benefits I have found with online clothes shopping: 

No need to rush
Your baby needs a feed, your toddler needs the loo and you need a new outfit for next weekends party!
When trying to buy clothing in store when out and about with Blake I found I was always rushing around
and this can be exhausting especially as a newish Mum. 
Shopping online has meant that I can click through the pages whilst my baby is asleep and have a good browse. 

No dodgy changing rooms
I hate changing rooms and one of my favorite stores changing rooms are far too tiny to try and consider going
in with the pram. So I get to miss this and try things on in the comfort of my own home.

Voucher codes
Shopping for clothing online has also made it more easier for me to find discount codes which 
I normally wouldn't do when buying in store.
The great thing is, is that many companies do this such as one of my favorite shops

Online "Specials" 
I have also noticed that some companies have clothing that they sell online and not in store. 
This means that I get to see and buy items that i wouldn't have known about. 

These are some of the benefits I have found from online clothes shopping.
I'd love to know if you have found any other benefits. 

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