Mummy and Me: April

Last month I joined in with Nicola's new Linky "Mummy and Me".
I have promised myself to make sure that I take or get someone to take at least one photo each month of me and Blake.

This month has gone so fast, Blake and I have been going to more groups at the children's centre and we have just finished doing 3 weeks of baby massage. Blake loves it and we will be doing it at home as often as possbile ideally after his bath.

We also popped into the shop Reasons to be cheerful where I used to work as they now do craft sessions at the back of the shop in a little room they have set up. 
We decided to do the hand and foot print ceramic plate which was fun. Post coming up on that soon. 

The photo below for this month is of me and Blake relaxing and watching a bit of cbeebies. 

Nicola... Life Through My Eyes