Mummy and Me:July

This month has gone by in a blur.
I managed to have some time to myself and had a facial using the 
voucher Stuart got me for my birthday last month. 

Mainly Blake and I have spent time going to our favorite group Ragdolly Anna's.
We have also met up with another Mum and her little boy at the community house for lunch and  a chat.
Last week we went for a lovely walk together at Ashridge woods which isn't too far from us and we
are even planning to meet up tomorrow and go to the park. 

Sunday was an extra special day for us as it was Blake's Christening. 
I will do a post about his special day very soon. 

I of course had to choose one of his Christening photo's of us together.
He looked so cute in his little suit and he seems to like it since he has his waistcoat in his mouth in this photo. 

I hope that August will be just as fun as this month.