Jingle Belly with Ellas Kitchen

Blake loves his food, he scoffs near enough everything we give him and isn't too fussy. 
Ella's Kitchen sent us a sample of their new Jingle Belly Christmas Dinner pouch for him to try. 
The pouch is suitable for babies aged 7 months+ and contains turkey, carrots, parsnips, red cabbage, potatoes, onions, green beans, cranberries and even sprouts!

I was unsure about how Blake would to take to this as he isn't a fan of pureed food which is why we
ended up having to do baby led weaning with him. 
But he does tend to eat food from a spoon rather well and his favorite dinner at the moment is Daddy's home made fish pie. 

So for dinner one evening this week we gave this a go. 
Unfortunately Blake seemed to hate it. After one mouthful he pulled a funny face. 
I tried again, he reacted the same and then after that he wasn't having any of it and kept pushing the spoon away. 

I do generally believe it is because he isn't use to purees as he prefers his finger foods.
I also think it could also be down to the fact that he is also use to fresh home cooked foods.  

If your little one is an Ella's Kitchen fan I think it's definitely something to try as it gives them the chance to experience the taste of Christmas dinner (to be fair, it smells quite tasty!).

At least 30p from each pouch purchased will be donated to Kids Company to provide food for disadvantaged children and their families on Christmas Day.

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elizabeth said...

Hehe little boys will always be fussy! We have just started trying our little lad with some purees, he has just turned 6 months :D this sounds so yummy, I think I might eat it if it gets left! xx

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fjk42 said...

My little granddaughter is also not a fan of pureed food, preferring items she can pick up to feed herself. However, we have found that if we spread the puree on a finger-sized piece of lightly toasted bread, she will eat it. So my daughter now makes "baby bruschetta" for my granddaughter, using various types of vegetable puree such as tomato, carrot, broccoli and pea.

Kim Neville said...

Sounds a great flavour to try. My son has always been a very fussy eater

Danielle Graves said...

My son was never a fan of puree's either although he is quite happy with swede and carrot mash which i tend to make a wee bit too smooth but we've always had a bit of an affliction with shop bought baby food as they always seem to be the same colour.

Helenlt said...

Mine loved puree - but it was usually homemade (I used to cook up various veggies, puree, and freeze in ice cube trays - and then mix and match, i.e. swede and carrot, parsnip and apple). It might be that it was a 'new' taste - it usually took two or three 'tries' before mine got used to new flavours.

MrsKevo said...

What a lovely idea to donate 30p to Kids Company. My second daughter was the same, what I found was the pouches are a good base to a meal for the meat/sauce if you stick something lumpy in like pasta/veg etc. It means she can try lots of recipes/flavours and more expensive meats without me having to make it from scratch x

Rebecca Mercer said...

Sounds really yummy