Blake's Favorite Toys (at 13 months)

When Blake was 4 months old I did a post on his favorite toys at the time which you can read here
Now that he is nearly 14 months I've decided to an updated post. 
Blake got loads of toys for both his Birthday and Christmas and plays with all of them
as I rotate them often. 

However there a quite a few toys that we have out more often as Blake loves playing with certain ones a bit more. 

I'm starting off with the In The Night Garden Activity Table
I have mentioned this toy quite a lot as we got this for Blake as one of his 1st Birthday presents. 
We managed to get it from Amazon on offer so we didn't pay the full £52 price tag. 
Blake loves this so much and it makes me so happy that we got him this toy. 
He plays with this near enough every day, as when we store it under our dining table
he ends up going under there wanting to play with it. 
At the moment he mainly likes to stand up, press the buttons constantly and turn the pages of the little book rather than playing with it properly.
I know that as he gets older he is going to enjoy this toy more. 

Next up is his ball pit he loves this so much! 
When we have it out he likes to throw the balls out, climb in and out, 
lay in their and sit in their watching tv, or playing with another of his toys. 
It's slightly annoying when the balls go all over the place but Blake loves
it and I love seeing him so happy to its worth having too pick the balls
off the floor every night. 

My mum got him this Happyland country train set for Christmas as I mentioned it to her
as it was on sale at the time and knew that I wanted him to have a train set. 
Blake loves watching the train go around on the track and he likes to knock the train off the track too. 
I want to get the railway extension pack for it and I am also planning to get more
Happyland toys for his Birthday or Christmas this year as I am really impressed with this set and Blake loves it. 

Even though he has a laugh and learn puppy too Blake tends to
want to play with his My Pal Scout a lot more. 
He now falls asleep with him and then have to sneak it out of the cot after so he doesn't roll
on it and turn it on during the night or nap time. 

Even though he hasn't had it long his large Iggle Piggle is a favorite at the moment he loves
to give him a big hug and gets excited when he sees him. 

Recently he has loved playing with this Leapfrog Sing and Play Farm. 
He mainly likes to press the blue button at the top and does this repeatably. 
There are loads of different things to do such as opening and closing the barn door, rev a key, sliders, turning
the light on and off etc.  

This wooden push along is also a favorite right now and I love wooden toys so 
am glad that he loves this one. 

He loves this Mowgli and Baloo car by fisherprice the music as catching although slightly annoying
after hearing it for the 100th time but Blake adores this.

This baby first steps walker has been a favorite and over the last month
Blake has now progressed from playing on the floor with it to standing up and attempting to walk with it. 

This toy goal post from my sister has been amazing as when he got this for Christmas he 
started to be more interested in wanting to stand and loves kicking the ball into the net and gets really excited.

Last of all is the Leapfrog poppin play piano which helps to aid  learning of colors and numbers. This was from my mother and step father in law and Blake just loves pressing the keys. 

Does your little one love any of these toys?
Or maybe they like something else I'd love to know.