#TacticalTuesdays (Chores for Toddlers)

I'm so excited to be doing my first Tactical Tuesdays post which I am co-hosting with the lovely Vicky from The Tactical Mummy. Please head over to my Tactical Tuesdays page where you can find all the info you need to know to get involved. 

Recently Blake has started to wanting to "help" a lot around the home. This can sometimes be a good thing such as helping us put clothing in washing basket and sometimes not so good such as wanting to help with the dishwasher when sharp objects are around. 

When it comes to Blake "helping" we like to make sure we give him lots of praise and encouragement. As Blake is only just over 2 and half chores don't have to be done perfectly and Blake has a sense of pride and independence from helping us. The one thing I want from Blake doing chores is that we make it fun for him.

So here are a few age appropriate chores that Blake does: 

Putting away his toys
We are trying to get Blake into more of routine of helping us put away his toys and also encouraging him to have not all of toys out at once. We do have some toys that we have out most days and make sure that if they are kept out that they aren't just strewn across the floor. 

Dirty clothes in the wash basket
Such a simple chore to do and Blake is now getting into a routine of putting his clothes in the basket although this does sometimes lead to him putting clean clothing and random objects into the basket he is starting to slowly get better at it. 

Bringing items to us
Such as his shoes and coat when we are going out. We are also trying to get him to bring other things to us such as books and toys he wants to play with. He also sometimes get snacks out when he is hungry and brings them to us. 

Filling and emptying the washing machine
Another thing Blake loves to do is fill the washing machine, shut the door, open the draw for us to put the powder in and of course press the button to turn the machine on. Once the washing is done he also loves to help empty the machine. 

Brushing Teeth, washing hands etc
Blake loves cleaning his teeth we give his teeth a proper clean first and then let him have a go after. He also like's washing his hands although he does tend to get water all over the place. 

What chores does your little one help out with?

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