Anxiety Diary: My first appointment with the mental health nurse


So I've opened up on here quite a bit about my struggles with anxiety and feeling low. Well after waiting about a month or so today I had an appointment with the in house mental health nurse that my GP refered me too. Anxiety for me at the moment is something that comes and goes and when its here its a bitch. I honestly want it gone  as its certainly not the normal type of anxiety that most people will go through as I feel it so intense. 

At the appointment I had today was just me and the mental health nurse Sarah who was really lovely.  She explained that my appointment was an hour long , she would ask me various questions and that everything was confidential. She also explained that she's not a counceller but is there to give advice and find out the type of help that I need and to work out the best options for me and what steps to take next.

Her first question was for me to explain about my anxiety which I found tricky to answer but I put across how I'm feeling in the best way I could explain it. After going through her questions she had an idea of when my anxiety started and had a more clearer picture of why. 

We discussed about the local well-being service that's available and so once I got home I decided to self refer. However at the appointment I was also told about some free courses that are available in my local area that specialise in mental health so she has put me down  for 3 courses one about facing fears, another about improving sleep and last of all about managing my worries. They are all courses she felt would benefit me and help me to manage my anxiety and are each only 2 hours long. Luckily for me as I font drive they are in reasonable walking distance from town so very handy.

Another resource she reccomended is the self help app that you can find on the play store and you can download a range of leaflets about different areas of mental health such as anxiety,  PTSD, postnatal depression, sleep problems, stress and much more. The leaflets all have sections to fill in to get you thinking about your mental health.

 I honestly believe that the app and the courses should be more known about especially with some places having such long waiting lists for threapy. My husband has only got his first appointment coming up on Monday after being on a waiting list for well over a year. Knowing these courses and self help info are available could be really beneficial for those that need some kind of help in the meantime before threapy starts. 

I'm hoping that now I've got options in place that I'll be able to be less of a worrier and be able to start controlling my anxiety and how it affects me. 

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