My Thoughts on Trick Or Treating

In over a weeks time it's Halloween. When it comes to holidays/events my favourite is Christmas followed by Easter. However Halloween isn't one we really celebrate.

I'm all for visiting pumpkin patches, dressing Blake up, eating and drinking everything pumpkin related,  watching films and I'll even be dress up our fireplace with pumpkins. However one thing we wont be doing is trick or treating. 

I don't like trick or treating as it goes against every lesson that every parent teaches their children. Eating junk in excess, frightening people, issuing threats and the one that really gets to me talking to and taking things from strangers.

Blake being autistic means he doesn't always understand these things anyway. So to be trying to implement that throughout the year and then on this one evening doing the opposite, would be completely confusing for a child without autisim let alone with. 

There is a bit of guilt though as I know lots of children his age do go trick or treating which is totally up to their parents. For us though it's a line we just wouldn't want to cross.

What are your thoughts?