13 goals for 2013 a review


At the beginning of 2013 I decided to have a go at completing 
13 goals for 2013. 

So how did I get on? 

1. Loose weight 
Yes I have actually done this have lost 5 stone 2lb to date 

2. Drink more water 
Yes and no I started off well but need to make sure I continue to do so. 

3. Take more photo's 
I've taken photo's but not sure if more than last year probably not

4. Save 
nope not happened I have no income which explains why

5. Get a job
no am still looking unfortunately which is why I was unable to complete number 4.  

6. Exercise more
Yes but I have been slacking recently

7. Be more creative
A little bit I have been doing a little of wreck this journal if that counts

8. Keep comping
yes have won some amazing prizes this year not many as last year but 
I did have the most amazing win ever so that more than makes up for it!

9. Try and use more voucher codes
I have used more vouchers but not the online codes 

10. Become more thrifty
Yes have done this I feel we are doing more well and have sorted out
our finances too. 

11. Give up Chocolate for lent
forgot about this I was busy with my diet and that's what my syns are there for.
I did give up chocolate for 7 weeks prior to Christmas though.

12. find a new hobby
nope didn't happen maybe in 2014

13. Plan a weekend away  
no was not financially doable 

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  1. that was good list, trying to think up a to do for 2014 for myself now.

  2. Very inspiring need to consider my own list of goals now but im certainly motivated and might steal a few!!!

  3. well done on the weight loss!! That;s brilliant :) Going to do my own list - could be doing with saving some cash xx

  4. Well done on the competition wins and the weight loss. Not surprised you haven't found a new hobby, you've been too busy dieting, comping, job hunting and counting the pennies. This year for the new job maybe?

  5. Great list good luck with next years, i need to do one lol

  6. Good luck with your list. I hope you achieve it all :-)

  7. Well done on your achievements so far, as a lot of them are more lifetime goals I think it doesn't matter if you take small steps to getting there - all the best on 2014 x

  8. Some great achievements there, well done. The weight loss one is amazing - I have a lot of similar resolutions made for this year...fingers crossed and a lot of will power needed xx Happy New Year xx

  9. Love the fact you kept a note of them and know which ones you did well on

  10. oh and well done on 5 stone weight loss!! i thught i was doing well but thats fabulous!!

  11. Wow I love this idea, and massive well done on your weight loss

  12. Fab idea keeping notes on how well your doing, think I may try this especially with losing weight. Good luck x