Thursday Blake broke up for half term and so we are making the most of it. We have the in laws visiting us next week for a few days and are looking forward to pumpkin picking etc.

Friday we made cinnamon swirls and they were absolutely delicious. We didn't make them from scratch but instead used the Jus-Rol premade dough which you can get six out of. Next time I definitely want us to have a go making them from scratch. 

We have also had lots of fun doing some Halloween crafts together on Saturday. They were all pretty simple to do.

The Mummy tea light holder was simply a jar that we cleaned out. I spread glue all over the jar and then we wound bandage around the jar and added more glue over the top. Once dry we added the two googly eyes. You could use self adhesive bandage and googly eyes but we didn't have them in.

I decided to have a go at doing some spooky stone painting. I did this on my own as Blake wasn't interested. All you need is stones and paint. I painted a base coat on all of the stones and then let them dry before using acrylic paint pens to do the spider, mummy and pumpkin designs . I wish I had decided to do another layer of base coat but they still look good. All I've got to do now is seal them using either modge pod or varnish.

Last of all I drew a pumpkin on a sheet of paper for Blake and then let him paint it with his paintsticks. Such a simple idea and Blake loved it.


Halloween is definitely going to be different for a lot of people this year. For us Halloween has always been pretty low key and you can read my post from last year on my thoughts on trick or treating

If you love Halloween and you feel covid is spoiling your plans than I have some ideas of things you can get up to at home. There are some things we do each year and some ideas we are going to start doing featured to.

 Dress up
Just because you can't go to a party or trick or treating doesn't mean you and the kids can't have fun and dress up. So get on your costumes and have fun. We will be getting Blake dressed in his skeleton costume that still fits him from last year.

Movie marathon 
One of our favourite things to do is pop on a spooky film. Check out my list of movie ideas here I've included a mixture of child friendly films to watch as a family and also ones for adults for once the kids are in bed.

Pinterest is filled with fun Halloween craft ideas you can do together. If you are looking for things for kids to do by themselves than printables are a great idea to keep them busy enough to get at least through a couple of chapters of your book.

Make it fun by purchasing Halloween themed treats or even baking your own. We will be ordering in pizza which is one of Blake's favourite meals too. But you could make your own together and have fun with different toppings.

Compile a fun Halloween playlist to have on the background or to have a dance to. You could also use YouTube as kids would love seeing the videos too especially if it means copying the dances.

Decorate the home 
We tend to just decorate the fireplace with pumpkins and faux leaves. But why not make some decorations together or have fun decorating your home with shop brought ones.

Carve/decorate a pumpkin
We are hoping to go to a pumpkin patch next week during half term. But if you can't than head to your local supermarket and choose a pumpkin. We aren't the best at carving pumpkins so I plan on decorating one instead this year.

The most important thing you can do is have fun and make memories together.


We had an update on how Blake is getting on at school. He is doing really well and has started playing with other children, being good at listening and trying new foods. He has also been talking alot more and so we decided to let him have a treat.

Blake loves McDonald's chips and so we decided to take him there as his treat. We still find it so strange at how quiet it is inside and that we are able to get a seat. Before covid it was always packed and hard to find anywhere to sit. Where we live is medium risk and so getting use to track and trace is a thing now too. McDonald's is one of them treats I looked forward to as a child too.