REVIEW| Rainbow Felt Designs

Ad – Review. I was sent these products from Rainbow  Felt Designs for review purposes and all thoughts are my own. 

Today I'm excited to be sharing a collaboration with Rainbow Felt Designs. I've ordered from the lovely Clancy a few times now and was so excited when she agreed to work with me on this review.

Clancy has been running Rainbow Felt Designs since 2017 via her Facebook page and as of 2019 she has started using Etsy to sell her creations too. All items are hand drawn, cut and sewn by her making her items fully handmade.

I love it when I am scrolling through social media and see Clancy's cute designs and so we agreed for this collaboration on a mystery box.

With the mystery boxes you can choose a theme. Animals, under the sea, food, jungle and garden are some ideas of past boxes she has done. Last year I ordered one of her Christmas boxes which was filled with 5 Christmas themed goodies. These are usually keyrings or hangings although for the Christmas box it was all tree decorations.  There is also the option of not choosing a theme so what you get is a complete surprise with a mixture of different themes. I opted for the latter as I love a surprise.

When I recieved my box of goodies I took a quick photo so you can have a sneak peak of how the products are packaged. Each of the felt designs are protected in colourful Organiser bags. I also received a sweet little thank you card, mini chocolate and a wish bracelet. 

So what was in my mystery box? I know quite a few people were excited to find out after  I shared on social media when I first recieved the box. 

As well as the wish bracelet there are 5 cute designs 3 of which are hangings and 2 keyrings along with a flower bomb which I'll explain more about further down this post.

How cute do they all look? I always love how bright and colourful her designs are. The wish bracelet certainly brought a smile to my face and is a wonderful added touch to her boxes. I'm loving wearing mine and the aim of them is that you make a wish as you tie it to your wrist and when it frays and breaks in two your wish  may soon come true. 

Happy Burger Hanging Decoration

The sweet burger hanging is the largest item in my box. He's definitely a cutie and makes an adorable addition to our kitchen. I love burgers but they aren't the healthiest, so a happy burger hanging is ideal alternative. He is shiny due to his sequins, not greasy like a real burger and the best bit he is calorie free. 

Love Bug Hanging Decoration 

The love bugs are actually part of Rainbow Felt Designs Valentine's range. However you could gift your special somone a love bug any time of the year.  I love the pastel colours and the hearts instead of spots. 

Easter Egg Hanging Decoration 

With Easter approaching a cute Easter egg hanging is a sweet addition to your Easter decorations. The Easter egg hangings are a great idea for an Easter tree for example but I'll be finding a place for our little one to hang on our fireplace. They are also a great idea for using as a tag on a gift bag.

Bee mine keyring
Another item from the valentine's range that's suitable all year round is the bee mine keyring.  Clancy does other bee designs but this one for valentine's has a cute heart on it's side. With every order of a bee keyring you get a little handmade wildflower seed bomb to plant, how fab is that?! 

Pastel Heart Keyring
How adorable is this heart keyring with 3 different pastel colours? The sequins give it a perfect amount of sparkle too. 

I'll definitely continue to purchase from Rainbow felt designs in the future. I'd love it if you were support Clancy too you can find her over on:



Typically the weather has been lovely this week when we are under lockdown. That didn't stop us though as we got out in the garden instead. 

Having lived in flats for 10 years and not having a garden has made us really appreciate having one. 

I loved seeing how blue the skies were and so I grabbed my hat, beach towel, bag and sandles and headed out into the garden to enjoy the sunshine with Blake. 

I filled the bag with the learning bits for Blake along with a drink and snacks so that we could stay out there for awhile. 

The weather may have changed yet again but I'm looking forward to being able to start planting and making the garden a more fun place for Blake to enjoy. Our garden is pretty small but I need to find some garden toys for Blake as he doesn't have many. 

*Sandles, beach towel and hat all pictured are gifted from a previous collaboration. 

Home Learning | Week One

Our first full week of attempting home learning has been a learning curve. I learnt last week when attempting home learning with Blake that he is more interested in learning in the mornings. So we have adapted that and let him have afternoon as free time. This week we have been trying out different things and finding what sort of activities work for us.

We found Monday really tricky Blake really didn't understand that we are doing learning at home and kept wondering off. I eventually realised it was best to bring the activity to him rather than try and get him to sit at the table. This has worked much better. We managed to get him to do an alphabet activity on his leapstart, used his learning resources alphabee set to spell out words, counting and shape recognition. We attempted a music and dance session on facebook which he wasn't interested in.  I think we just need to find the right one for Blake to enjoy.

Blake was more eager today to sit and do some activities together. We got out the playdough and made sausages to match the numbers on the frying pan worksheet school gave us. We also made shapes out of the playdough, did some singing and played a matching number game called one dog, ten frogs. I decided to attempt the Teach my monster to read app with Blake which was a huge hit with him. I also had a phone appointment so during that time Blake spent most of it playing with Stuart.

I think Wednesday was the best we did all week, as we fitted quite a bit in. We started off with the phonics sheet from school followed by a story and then Blake was happy sitting doing the Teach my Monster to read app. Once that was done we decided to pop on some music and have a good dance. After lunch we headed into the garden we did attempt to join in with a gruffalo live that was on but Blake wasn't fully engaged in it. Once we got back inside Blake wanted to play with Phil the fridge which is  a fun game.  As Phil spins, players must get their food into the correct holes, but watch out for Phil's door flying open. The winner is the player who gets all their coloured food shapes into the fridge first. 

We went straight into the garden for learning time today. Blake did some number bubbles on the leapstart, played with Phil the fridge, made a easter themed windmill, enjoyed music and dancing followed by using the Teach my monster to read app.

It was a bit more relaxed today learning wise. We used the Teach my monster to read app and watched a few live sessions of Chester zoo to see the animals.

I think I'm going to sit down this weekend and sort out what we are going to do each morning. The teach my monster to read app is a hit so is one to continue each day.  Blake's teacher has emailed with ideas personally for him so I'm going to be looking  more into that too.