Wednesday, 15 August 2018

2018 Bathroom Trends

Are you planning to revamp your bathroom and in need of some interior inspiration? 
The bathroom is the place where lots of people find the time to enjoy a long soak and relax in the bath. This is why its important to have a calm and relaxing bathroom that suits you.

There are some great bathroom trends at the moment and I wanted to share with you today 4 different bathroom trends that I love at the moment:

Inspired by nature a botanical themed bathroom is all about the natural materials and soft pastel colours. There are many ways you can make this theme work for you for example for a more tropical look you can add lots of natural materials and  textures such as rattan and cork. For a boho look you can add a bit of floral wallpaper and prints to the room. If you are wanting a more minimalist look why not go for a all white bathroom with green from the plants adding a touch of colour. When it comes to adding plants to your bathroom its a good idea to research the sorts of plants where the bathroom is the ideal environment as not all plants can cope with humidity.

Rose Gold
Rose gold is still a popular trend in home interiors as well as jewellery so adding a bit Rose gold to your bathroom is a great choice to add some classy elegance to the room. You can add a touch of rose gold to the bathroom with accessories or fixtures such as taps. With rose gold its all about adding subtle touches and is the perfect accent tone when set against key colour tones such a pale grey for example.

A monochrome bathroom is a trend that is classic and also edgy.  Monochrome offers a stunning effect in the bathroom and can make the room look more expensive than it really is. Some great ways of adding monochrome is by using black and white tiles or adding a feature wall with a black and white patterned wallpaper. A popular choice is a patterned tiled floor with clean white painted or tiled walls.


I don't know about you but when I think of marble in the bathroom I think of luxury polished marble and a glamourous looking interiors. It's not a low cost option to have marble tiles on the walls, floor or both however if you are on a budget purchasing marble accessories is a great way of incorporating the trend into the room.

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Sunday, 12 August 2018

What Mummy Wore: Summer Dresses with fashionworld

During the summer months I love keeping cool in a maxi dress. With the heatwave this summer I've been wearing maxi dresses often. I was given the oppertunity recently to try out some dresses from Fashionworld.   One of the reasons I prefer maxi dresses is because I feel a lot more comfortable in them especially as I feel they tend to suit my body shape much better than shorter dresses do.

When I was looking at the selection that Fashionworld have to offer I was impressed with how many there were and that they have them in plus sizes too. In general I have to size up when it comes to dresses as they fit and look much better than if I go for my usual top size.

The first dress I opted for is this gorgeous floral printed Joanna Hope maxi dress. It's great for dressing up or down paired with right accessories and I love how flattering the sleeves and bust area is on me as it covers up the areas I don't like. The dress flows nicely giving me a flattering shape and I feel comfortable in it. The fabric is Jersey which I was worried would cling to me showing my lumps and bumps, however found this wasn't the case at all. The length of the dress was perfect for me (I'm 5ft 6) not too long that I'd trip over or too short that I'd feel uncomfortable.  At £52 the dress is perfect for when you are unsure what to wear at a special occasion and want to feel like you are making an effort but not trying too hard. It's also a great dress if you want to wear black with a pop of colour to stand out. 

Another dress that caught my eye is the Tie dye maxi dress. It's a perfect casual summer dress which is ideal for your holiday wardrobe. This is my summer maxi dress essential in the heatwave we are having as its easy to wear and looks great paired with sandles. I love the Tie dye affect as I think it gives the dress a hippy vibe. The dress is comfortable to wear and I love the drawstring belt to cinch the waist. Again this is a gorgous flattering dress with the length being ideal for my height and at £29 its a great price too!


Wednesday, 8 August 2018

5 most common driving offences

Even though I don't drive I'm aware of some of the laws in regards to driving and being safe on the road. However every year there are around  250,000 motorists out there that are banned from driving due to an array of driving offences. If you get in trouble you may need to find driving offenses solicitors to help you out.

Here are 5 of the most common driving offences here in the UK:

Using a mobile phone while driving
I'm shocked with the amount of people I see on a daily basis using a phone at the wheel. It's so dangerous whether calling or texting its a no no unless hands free. The exception of these circumstances are an emergency or you are safely parked. This doesn't mean just because you have stopped at a traffic light you can use your phone. 

This being the most common reason doesn't surprise me at all. I've seen many  cars speeding especially in areas where you are meant to be driving 20 or 30.  Motorists are often caught out with speed cameras or police vans. 

Driving without insurance
Driving without insurance or without the correct insurance is seen as a serious offence. Driving bans aren't uncommon for this offence. Driving with invalidated or no insurance and being caught can also seriously jeopardize your chances of getting insurance in the future and you would need to be prepared to fork out sky high prices.

Failing to stop and report accidents 
An example is failing to report scrapes to avoid paying out and failing to stop means you can get an instant ban. Failing to stop and failing to report are technically classified as two separate offences, however drivers can still be prosecuted for both. 

Driving under influence
Another common driving offence is driving under the influence of drink and/or drugs. 
Some people don't realise that they can be breaking the law on some prescription  drugs. It's important that you check if you can drive whilst on them.