We had an update on how Blake is getting on at school. He is doing really well and has started playing with other children, being good at listening and trying new foods. He has also been talking alot more and so we decided to let him have a treat.

Blake loves McDonald's chips and so we decided to take him there as his treat. We still find it so strange at how quiet it is inside and that we are able to get a seat. Before covid it was always packed and hard to find anywhere to sit. Where we live is medium risk and so getting use to track and trace is a thing now too. McDonald's is one of them treats I looked forward to as a child too.


In the week I had an email from Blake's school that on Friday they wanted us to encourage him to wear a yellow top to school. This was because of World Mental Health Day being on the Saturday and they were planning to do a special assembly to raise awareness.

Luckily Blake has a mustard yellow top and jumper as it's a colour I love for the autumn season. On Friday when we popped him into them he was a bit confused and we tried to explain to him what was happening. He was eventually OK with the idea but wouldn't let me take a photo.

 I think it's great that school chose to raise awareness for World Mental Health Day. I feel it's such an important topic as it's not just adults that struggle with their mental health. I wish as a child I had known more about depression and anxiety as it would've been a big help to understand what I was feeling as at times I felt awfully alone.


Autumn is in full swing and today I'm finally getting around to writing up my autumn/fall bucket list. I'm looking forward to ticking them off especially as it's my favourite season.

- Jump in a pile of leaves
- Visit a pumpkin patch
- Drink pumpkin spice lattes 
- Make Soup
- Make Apple Crumble
- Puddle Jumping
- Autumn Fire Place display 
- Make a chilli
- Make stews and casseroles 
- Make and eat cinnamon rolls
- Pumpkin Painting/decorating
- Eat Halloween themed food
- Watch Halloween/Horror/Spooky Films 
- Visit a farmers market 
- Read a thriller/horror book
- Use an autumn scented candle
- Listen to a autumn/Halloween playlist 
- Get out the board games
- Drink lots of hot chocolate 
- Collect leaves, conkers, pinecone etc
- Take autumn photos
- Autumn/Halloween/Bonfire night related crafts
- Have an indoor picnic
- Treat myself to Halloween bathbombs
- Decorate biscuits 
- Watch Fireworks
- Dress Blake up for Halloween