One of the simple childhood pleasures are bubbles. From the moment when Blake first saw bubbles he has loved them. I remember going to a particular baby and toddler class with him where there was always bubbles at the end. 

Blake has had a fair few different bubble machines too. Our first one was a whale one from mothercare and lasted us a good few years. His second one we had this year which didn't last long and now we have another whale one which I'm hoping will last us. Blake has also had various bubble wands and kits over the years too. Bubbles are also popular for party bags and I've yet to come across a child that doesn't like bubbles.

We've had a few days of warm weather this week and so we have taken to getting outside into the garden where we got out the bubble machine. Blake loves sitting watching the bubbles and also running and jumping through them. 

Book Tour| Summer of Madness by Alexander Raphael


Ad – review. I was sent a copy of this book for review purposes and all thoughts are my own.

Today I'm involved in the book tour for A Summer Of Madness a short read by Alexander Raphael. 

About the author:
Half-Welsh, half-Mexican and growing up in London, Alex Raphael was surrounded by different influences and interests. But it was always books that spoke to him most and had the greatest impact.

He started writing when at college, where his love of reading evolved into a desire to write, in particular focusing on poetry and short stories. Studying English and American Literature at university meant he took a break from writing, as well as giving him the chance to see more of Mexico on his travels. He concentrated on his journalistic career while working on different writing projects, but his favourite genre of literature has always been short stories as they are what first inspired him to write.

That’s why his first book was The Summer of Madness, a romantic short story that tells of a guy who goes out to try to win his ex-girlfriend back. Will you be rooting for Kurt and his big public gesture or is it more complicated than that and you don’t want her to date him again? Either way you’ll get to know a memorable set of characters along for the ride.

His second book Illusions, Delusions reflects Raphael’s love of alternative short stories from the writers of his childhood and challenges the idea of the narrative. Will your favourite be the story in the form of a questionnaire, a poem or a set of jokes, among the seven very different styles?

Alex Raphael is currently working on his third collection of short stories, which will provide a wide blend of genres and an assortment of very original premises and distinctive character, with his trademark imagination, humour and memorable dialogue.

About the book:
In the summer of love, or rather of madness, a whole set of stories are emerging. But there is one that has got everyone talking. When Kurt Vannes decides to win back his ex-girlfriend with the help of a literary classic, he sets off a string of events that will build to a dramatic finale.

I enjoyed this sweet short story. It's an easy read so ideal for when you want to read something that doesn't take long to read or if you don't read that often. It sees the character Kurt try and win back his ex after realising that he took her for granted and so he reads her favourite book out in public. It shares how far somone could go for love. I like out it ended and do feel that it was the right ending too.


It's been awhile since I've run a giveaway in fact I can't remember the last one. So I've decided as a Thank you to my readers new and old ones who have continued to read my blog over the years. 

I've opted for Amazon with them selling near enough everything it gives the winner a chance to do what they like with it. It could be to treat the kids, put towards Christmas gifts or towards something you really need. The choices really are endless. 

For the chance to win check out the rafflecopter below on the various simple ways you can enter.

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