Bit late this week as we've been busy making memories. We've started to play out in our front garden as well as the back garden as Blake was wanting to.

He likes being able to see people go by and next doors little girl has been out playing in her front garden so he's liked being able to see her. 

It's meant we've had the chance to chat and get to know our neighbour better whilst socially distancing of course.

We've  definitely had a mucky little boy the past few days from playing out. We popped his toy kitchen out to play with and he's also been taking a few other toys out as well. 

It's made a nice change to our evenings and we've found that we've been eating pizza most nights. Blake loved his ice cream treat last night right before bath and bed time.


Hi everyone so it's the last Friday of the month so time to share with you my likes and loves for May. First of all how is everyone? I'm definitely finding lockdown more of a struggle recently and the easing of some of the rules is making me feel a bit better though. 

Blake's been back at school 3 days a week which helps as he wants to be around other children and also loves being able to play outside. 

Anyway on to my likes and loves for May.

Any items that are gifted to me for a possible mention within this feature will be clearly marked with a * 

Sonic the hedgehog movie
The sonic movie has had an early digital download release so I just had to purchase it. The 3 of us sat down and watched it together at the beginning of the month and it was brilliant. Definitely will watch it again pretty soon.

Never have I ever
I pretty much raced through the episodes of this one. I found it to be easy to watch and wasn't something you have to concentrate too much on to know what's happening.

Modern Love 
I spotted this whilst browsing prime tv. Each episode has a different story and characters it's a romantic comedy and episodes are just over 30 min long each. 

Normal  People
I've yet to finish the series but I've been enjoying it. It is actually based on the book also titled Normal People by Sally Rooney, although I've not yet read the book my self.
If you want to see it you can find it on BBC Iplayer and there are 12 episodes that are about 30 minutes long.

Weighted blanket
Blake is very sensory and we find that he gets frustrated easily. After seeing on some SEN pages about weighted blankets I researched which one to get and found that they can be very pricey. This one was the cheapest I could find which was just under £40 with postage included. It's been a lifesaver and Blake now asks for blanket time each day when things get too much for him. He's always wanting it for bed and have found since using it then he isn't getting out of bed as often. 

Quote sign
I'm in a gifting group on Facebook and one of the items I've been sent was this fab little quote sign.

*Bracelets from Julia's Healing Jewels
I absolutely love these Rose Quartz and Rose Quartz, Amethyst and Lepidolite bracelets. You can read my review about them here.

My in laws sent me a beautiful pot of orchids this month. So far we've managed to keep them alive.

Duck Planter
Whilst I was in Aldi shopping for essentials I spotted this duck planter. I had to get it as it was the last one left. I've even named him Rafferty.

Original Source Sweet Rhubarb and Raspberry shower gel.
I needed a new shower gel and spotted this on amazon for £1 so decided to see what its like. I like the sweet scent,  the only downside is that it doesn't last long.

Kit Kat Cookies and Cream
Another amazon purchase I spotted these and thought I'd give them a try. They come in a pack 16 with 2 bars in each for £2 which isn't that bad. They really are good and I'm close to saying they are my new favourite chocolate.

Fibre one Birthday Cake Squares
We love these. Blake probably more so as he  keeps asking for them.

*Notebook from Executive pens
I absolutely love this design of the dream catcher. You can definitely tell it's a high quality notebook. I'm currently using mine as a diary. I love that it has a back pocket and 24 tare off pages at the back. The elastic closure is handy too.

Guardian  angel keyring
This beautiful guardian angel keyring is laser etched in crystal and so pretty. 


Ad – I was sent these products and recieved payment for the purpose of this post however all thoughts are my own

I've recently come across fashion brand Femme Luxe who sell a wide selection of stylish and on trend clothing. They reached out to me to see if I would be interested in sharing some of their current fashionable pieces with you all.

Just because we are having to stay home at the moment due to the Coronavirus and being in lockdown, it doesn't mean we all can't have a little fun with what we wear and play a bit of dress up too. I get that some days you may just want to stay in your pjs or lounge wear but other days you may want to make more of an effort or even get out of your comfort zone by trying something new.

Why not dress up and enjoy a date night at home with your significant other, or if you have an occasion coming up for example such as a birthday or anniversary it can be good to do your hair, pop on some make up and dress up a bit.

Bodysuits are a great option as they can be paired easily with different styles of trousers such as the black cargo trousers pictured above or they can be worn with a skirt or leggings.

You can get many different styles of bodysuits - from casual ones that go well with jeans for that day to day look, to glam designs  such as a black lace bodysuit or even the one featured  above which is a metallic design which also has a mesh panel and is available in silver or rust colour combinations. These ones would look great teamed with a PU skirt or leggings. You can also get bodysuits that have long sleeves for when the weather is a bit cooler.

Dresses tend to be the go to when dressing up and a little black dress is the popular choice. Why not upgrade your little black dress for a little black corset dress. Corset dresses don't just have to be for when you are on a night out teamed with high heels after all. The one featured below is a corset dress that has a cupped bodice in a luxe faux leather material. It's a great figure hugging dress to show off your curves. Ideal for that date at home I mentioned earlier. If you aren't wanting to opt for black there are many other corset dresses available at Femme luxe in different colours, a white one for example would look great if you have a tan for example.

Making more of an effort with what you wear during lockdown doesn't necessarily mean dressing up. You can still look stylish and put together by opting for casual wear that isn't just leggings, pjs or loungewear. 

Jeans are a go to for many women and are often considered a wardrobe essential. There really are many styles available from wide legged to high waisted to hide that mum tum, skinny jeans to ripped jeans.  The great thing about jeans is that all you have to do is add the right top and accessories to turn an outfit from day to night. 

If jeans are your day to day go to it's a good idea to have multiples of your favourite styles.

There are also many styles of trousers that are ideal for wearing when staying at home. Take for example these slim fit cargo trousers. The black pair looks great teamed with the bodysuit and these stone ones above would look great teamed with a casual top such as oversized one  for a comfy and casual look.  I love that they have multiple pockets which are always handy and they also have elasticated ankle cuffs too which are a great added touch. These cargo trousers are also available in many other colours and prints.

Talking of prints while staying at home it's a great time to get out those trousers you dont wear to work as the prints too out there or you have to wear a particular uniform.