On Wednesday I did it, I went and got my nose pierced! I've been umming and ahhing over it since last year and to be fair I've been wanting it for much longer. It wasn't a decision I took lightly and it wasn't a spur of the moment decision. I made sure that I did a lot of research, especially on how to clean the area to prevent infection, different types of nose studs and rings etc as I wanted to be fully informed before going ahead with it.

In general I take awhile to make decisions like this as I don't want to do something that I end up regretting. The tattoos I have are a great example as I have always chosen something that means something to me and not just because it looks pretty. Once I know what I want I tend to wait months before getting it as I want to make sure I still like the idea before going ahead.


The past two weeks have been the Easter holidays. We have been blessed with some days where the weather has been beautiful and we've got outside. It's not been all plain sailing though as Blake has had quite a few meltdowns. Yesterday's meltdown was the worst so far during this holiday period. We aren't too sure what set him off but he was constantly asking to go to school. I think the main thing at the moment is that he is missing his friends and the school routine. 

The ice cream van has been out now that the weather has been warmer and Blake has managed to have some a good few times now. We've also treated him to McDonald's twice as it's his favourite place for chips. 

We have the insect lore butterfly garden and it's been so interesting watching them grow the past two weeks. They are much bigger than the photo below now and are actually getting ready to build a chrysalis. 

Looking for a Floor That Lasts longer

One of the biggest frustrations when it comes to laying a new floor is that we just don’t know how long we are going to go until it needs replacing once again. This has been one of the deciding factors of why luxury wood effect vinyl flooring is among most preferred and recommended options by interior designers and industry critics.

Vinyl flooring over the last decade has advanced into areas of low maintenance, authentic look and ease in installation to the point where it now pushes ahead of other flooring options, but are the benefits as good as they are presented or is it just a quick sales pitch?