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LITTLE MOMENTS 2020: 8/52 : February half term

Half term hasn't been too busy for us actually. Monday we were still visiting family we popped around to my nans where Blake loved playing with the car garage she had got out for him. We also popped to the hall where I am having my birthday party in June so I could get an idea of the layout. Then we nipped to McDonald's followed by grabbing a few bits and bobs in Tesco.

Tuesday we ended up heading to Leighton Buzzard for a flying visit. The 3 of us ended up in costa after browsing in a few shops and then once Blake was in bed Stuart and I headed out to the pub for a few drinks whilst the in laws heard out for Blake.

Wednesday was a day of travel. If you follow me over on Facebook you will have probably seen me mention that one five minute train delay resulted in missing our 2 further trains resulting in getting back home 2 hours later than we should have. On the plus side I had a good book to get through and Blake was good as gold and cope well with having to wait for different …

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