Ad/Gifted – Marvin's Amazing  Magic Pens featured in this post was gifted to me from Wicked Uncle in exchange for this post. All thoughts are my own.

Colouring and doodling has been something I've loved doing since I was little. I still as an adult find myself from time to time doodling whilst I'm thinking. 

Magic Pens are something I remember from the 90s as a way of writing secret messages. Marvin's Amazing Magic Pens are a great screen free activity and bound to be popular amongst kids and let's be honest adults too. 


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Father's Day this year falls on Sunday the 19th of June. There is still plenty of time, with over a month to find Dad's and father figures in our lives the ideal gift/s. I've got a gift guide coming up soon with specific gift ideas, however today is about the popular gift ideas for Father's Day.

How to Boost Your Child’s Imagination

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Your child’s imagination is important because it fosters social and cognitive development, and encourages curiosity, amongst other things. There are lots of ways that parents can boost their child’s imagination. Here are some tips from a pre-prep school in Harrow.

The Benefits of Nursery for Children

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Whether or not you should send your child to nursery is one of many big decisions that parents have to make. If you’re unsure if nursery is the right option for your child, you may want to consider what a nursery setting has to offer, as explored below by a private pre-school in London.

The Importance of Pastoral Care in Schools

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In simple terms, pastoral care is what a school offers its students to ensure they are physically and emotionally secure, as well as performing to the best of their abilities academically. Research has found that children who have better health and wellbeing tend to perform better in their education, so one could argue that the two go hand in hand. That’s why pastoral care is important. I have teamed up with an independent school in Surrey to explore the importance of pastoral care in further detail. 

How to Raise a Compassionate Child

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Raising a compassionate child is something that takes time and commitment. Compassion isn’t a quality they are born with, but something they must learn over time and with plenty of practise, much like most qualities and skills. As a parent, there are various things your can do to encourage your child to be a kinder, more compassionate individual, as explored below by a senior school in Middlesex.