My Thoughts on Trick Or Treating


In over a weeks time it's Halloween. When it comes to holidays/events my favourite is Christmas followed by Easter. However Halloween isn't one we really celebrate.

I'm all for visiting pumpkin patches, dressing Blake up, eating and drinking everything pumpkin related,  watching films and I'll even be dress up our fireplace with pumpkins. However one thing we wont be doing is trick or treating. 

I don't like trick or treating as it goes against every lesson that every parent teaches their children. Eating junk in excess, frightening people, issuing threats and the one that really gets to me talking to and taking things from strangers.

Blake being autistic means he doesn't always understand these things anyway. So to be trying to implement that throughout the year and then on this one evening doing the opposite, would be completely confusing for a child without autisim let alone with. 

There is a bit of guilt though as I know lots of children his age do go trick or treating which is totally up to their parents. For us though it's a line we just wouldn't want to cross.

What are your thoughts? 

Farmer Copleys Pumpkin Festival


Pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere. Today we had our first experience of visiting a pumpkin patch. We headed to Farmer Copleys in Pontefract, West Yorkshire with family. 

I've always wanted to visit one but when we were living down in Bedfordshire there wasn't any nearby us to get to. Now we live in Lincolnshire there are places nearby that have them. Pontefract is about an hour drive from us and Farmer Copleys is definitely worth a visit if you can get there.

You wont be seeing any photos in the pumpkin patch here as it was so muddy it gives the childhood game stuck in the mud a run for its money. When visiting I'd fully reccomend that you all wear wellies and if possible a puddle suit for children.

Farmer Copleys has long held the UK’s biggest pumpkin festival. They grow a huge variety of different size and coloured pumpkins. Going out onto the fields to pick your own pumpkin is a fun activity for children and if you want to pick quite a few than wheelbarrow's are provided at a cost. Pumpkins start at £3 for a small and go up to I think was £12 for a jumbo.

Whilst there you do have the option of being able to carve it. We have chosen to take ours home to do instead another day.  Entry to the festival was £2 per person and there are also paid activities you can do such as the tea cups. There is also a story time, shows, tractor rides and more.

There are lots of photo opportunities at Farmer Copleys for the Pumpkin festival event. There are even a few people dressed up such as the pumpkin princess who we managed to get Blake to have a photo with. 

As for food and drink there are many different stalls around. I opted for a sausage sandwich, Stuart and Jim opted for hog roast, Val opted for pumpkin soup and a role whilst Blake had chips. I also got to finally try pumpkin spiced latte for the first time and loved it. I definitely need to find a good recipe to make some at home. 

There is also a wonderful shop where you can buy many different things such as home decor, biscuits, meat, jam, candles, toys and so much more. We came out with some fresh meat which we are looking forward to such as a leg of lamb.  

Overall we really enjoyed Farmer Copleys Pumpkin festival and definitely would go again. 

6 things an avid reader needs


I'm a bookworm and that's nothing new to anyone. A single book is enough to occupy me for hours. However there are some things that every avid reader should own. The great thing is that they make great gifts too.

Here are some items that an avid reader would love :

Plenty of pretty bookmarks are essential. I'm always loosing them too as my son seems to get hold of them. There are so many pretty designs and ones made from different materials.

Good shelves 
If you are anything like me you will have more books then shelving. Honestly its the most random item for a gift but if you have space than a great quality bookshelf is a must. 

Somewhere comfortable to read
It's important to have a comfortable area at home for reading. I'd absolutely love a little reading corner with my own  little seat, comfy pillows, throws and soft lighting.

An LED book light
If like me you read at night an LED light is worthwhile getting hold of. They are great when you need extra lightening and are cheap too.

A huge mug
I love nothing more than having a mug of coffee or hot chocolate whilst I am reading. 
This means big mugs are best and you can get many fun bookish inspired ones.

Kindle and case
I didn't like the idea of a kindle to start with but I'm now considering getting one and a pretty case to go with it. As kindles are expensive a case is definitely important.