Save The Blow Dry


I was asked if I would like to try out Save The Blow Dry 
a  moisture eliminating Queen of the shower caps. 

Which I think is a fab idea especially if you want to shower before a night out and not have to
bother washing your hair yet again that day. 

It is a fact that us women on average spend over two hours a week blow drying and styling our hair. 
Which is why its so annoying when you emerge from your daily shower to find your hair has no 
resemblance to the hair you had a few moments ago. 

Save The Blow Dry has the solution which is a unique shower cap that does what it says
Save The Blow Dry! Its secret?  well its a combination of gorgeous waterproof design 
that has an internal layer of super absorbent micro weave towelling which zaps humidity and condensation,
leaving your hair dry and bouncy. 

So above is my cringe worthy photo of me in the brand spanking new colour turquoise! 

The hat also has dual usage benefit in the fact that you can turn it inside out so the towelling doesn't
get wet and yucky and put on your favourite hair treatment  allowing it to work more effectively. 
I will most likely be using it the most for this benefit as I do tend to wash my hair everyday. 

For best results use these all important tips: 
- Brush hair
- If hair is long clip it up with a clasp or slide
- Push any stray strands up into the hat and ensure hair line is covered
- Happily bathe or shower 
- dry off before removing the save the blow dry
- shake the Save The Blow Dry to remove excess water and ideally hang up to dry.  

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  1. You don't look cringe worthy you look sweet bless you!

  2. this looks fab would be great in our household for me and my daughter

  3. Good idea. As I was a frequent hair washer, have reduced this as led to dry skin on scalp. So this product is practical, useful and time-saving.

    Rachel Craig

  4. Sounds like a great idea

  5. fantastic product, must say ive never heard of it, ill be googling it now, nothing worse than when i have a shower in the morning, and do my hair (taking the best part of 1hr to straighten it) then after a day out all i want is a nice hot bath, but cant coz i dont want to ruin my lovely straight hair :-(

  6. Fab think I need one of these

  7. have to get me one of those

  8. great idea you pic will start a trend lol x

  9. What a fab piccy! I think this sounds awesome, how very handy! I am going to have to invest now (we can compare photos lol)