Postpartum Hair Loss


My hair has always been fine and not in the best condition the one and only time that it was I was pregnant. I loved that my hair was finally in top tip condition, however I was aware of postpartum hair loss as I had read about it in my pregnancy book.

Like with most things I found about pregnancy and having a child nothing really prepares you no matter how much you read up on it. I didn't notice it at first and then I started noticing that my hair was getting everywhere. It was clingy to my clothes and I started to notice it in the bath tub after I showered. It wasn't just a matter of small amounts falling out either on a few occasions I noticed it come out in clumps which I was not prepared for.

Even now approaching nearly 2 and half years later I still have wispy bits around my forehead which I am lucky enough to be able to hide. You can of course do many things to help hide the loss of hair such as having a new hair cut, changing the color/style or even  getting Advanced Tricho Pigmentation Treatment which is basically a hair transplant which can give you high quality results. 

Looking after my hair is important to me and so I make sure to try and keep it in the best condition that I can. 

Here are some of my hair care tips: 

- Comb wet hair gently. 
Wet hair is more fragile and I tend to use a tangle teezer to brush my hair when wet which works for me as I am able to brush out tangles without damaging my hair. 

- Trim your hair regularly. 
don't do it every 6 to 8 weeks as recommended however I don't leave it for long periods without getting a trim. Getting your hair trimmed regularly also helps it to grow and can help get rid of split ends. 

- Use the right shampoo type
I use volumising shampoo since my hair is so fine, I also like to find a shampoo that is suitable for using daily.

- Not use heat too often 
Most of the time I let my hair dry naturally and if i'm not going out I'll make sure that I don't use straighteners. 

- Use a heat protector 
There are many out there and if I use heat on my hair I make sure that I use one.

- Drink plenty of water
This goes without saying really as drinking plenty of water helps not only your hair. 

If you are a mum did u have postpartum hair loss? If so what did you do help keep your hair looking in tip top condition. 

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  1. I love your hair care tips. I'm guilty of not always caring for my long locks enough so found these super helpful!

  2. Girls love there hairs very much, thanks for sharing this tips with us.

  3. Good tips, as it can really affect your self esteem

  4. I need to make sure I have a trim regularly, otherwise my hair just snaps off. Its so dry!

  5. I feel your pain! I expected it to be worse than it was in reality after my daughter's birth to be honest. I am breastfeeding her and she's 10 months old now so I am still waiting for the other shoe to drop!

  6. Yes I've experienced a lot of post partum hair loss. These are great tips. I have been trying to use heat less on mine x

  7. I think this is cool for new mom's who have had some issue with hair loss. Very sweet to share secrets with those women who are wondering what is going on.

  8. Great tips here, I tend to avoid using heat on my hair unless I really need to x

  9. The same thing happened to my daughter after she had her first baby. She followed many of the same steps you recommend, and within a few years everything was back to normal. One other idea that worked for her? Staying on her prenatal vitamins

  10. Since I had kids I've struggled with losing hair - lukily mine grows so quick you don't even notice but my hair is constantly blocking my shower and hoover!

  11. I did and I don't follow any of them steps. Terrible I know. I straighten my hair every morning. I only recently got a hair cut. Last one was over a year ago.

  12. I feel your pain! Great tips here, very informative post! Have a nice weekend!! Hugs xoxo

  13. Great tips, I suffered with it after my twins. Since then I have also taken some medicine which made my hair fall out again. I am now left with wispy bits again!