Review: Aspire Calorie Burning Drink

I've heard of Aspire Calorie Burning drink for sometime now. I have been eager to try it and see if it works. I contacted the people over at Aspire and they sent me a weeks supply (14 cans)

The calorie burning drink is said to burn up to 209 calories per can, which is proven during controlled lab tests. 

The Cranberry flavoured soft drink also contains natural ingredients, Green Tea, Ginger an Guarana. 

It is believed that the ingredients can 
assist in raising your body's metabolism 
and suppressing appetite.

Each can contains the caffeine of the same
 equivalent as a cup of coffee, and is only
12.5 calories per can. 

My thoughts: 

First of all I want to say that I love the design of the can but feel it is girly so is only aiming the drink for women but am sure men would love to have this too. 

The taste wasn't too bad to start with a bit bitter but over the period of the week I became to like the taste much more.

Now as for its weight loss benefits I lost a couple of lbs but then become ill with a bad cold and ate loads of crap so ended up putting on weight :(

I feel that If I was able to stick to a healthy diet and exercised wel then this product would really work. 

Fancy giving it a go? 

It can be purchased in Holland and Barrett, Selfridge's and some Waitrose stores.
RRP:£1.50 per can


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