Review: Green People Body Butter

Green People is the leader in certified Organic body care products.
Established in 1997 Green People sell an extensive range of natural products
and is now one of the biggest names  in organic beauty in the UK. 

However Green People started just by a mother who wanted to help her young daughter.
In 1994 a 2 year old Sandra was suffering from eczema and sever allergies her mother 
Charlotte wanted to get to the bottom of the problem.
So Green People was born. 
You can read the full company history here  if you wish. 

I tried the 200ml Body Butter, £19.95 which is packed 
in a  wide based plastic pot with a white lid with the logo
on the top and side.
 Now as I like to be honest in my reviews that I do I will say 
that I do find that the logo of Green People's products to be a bit
of a disappointment. I personally believe that they could make 
the logo bigger and more attractive so that it stands out and
is more eye catching to the consumer. 

On opening the Body Butter I was hit with a gorgeous scent of 
Organic Pomegranate, Rosehip and coconut I could also 
smell a lemony scent too which when I read the ingredients 
I found out that this lovely Body Butter contains Lemon-grass oil. 

To use apply on dry skin after showering/bathing and massage
in with long gentle strokes allow to soak in before dressing.

I mainly used this body butter on my arms and stomach 
and found that it is more like an oil then a cream which 
when I hear Body Butter I assume will be a cream 
but that isn't a problem really. 

When applying I found it easy to apply all over my skin and you don't
need a lot at all so the pot will last awhile. 
I also found that the oil warms up too when applying which
is nice definitely great when the weather is like today with 
loads of snow on the ground and your feeling really cold.
The only disadvantage of this Body Butter is that I found
that it was a tad greasy and took awhile to adsorb into my skin.  

Overall I do feel that this Body Butter is more suited to someone
with much more drier skin then me due to its moisturising benefits. 

I am going to try applying to my feet and putting on a clean pair of socks 
before bed so that my feet feel more smoother in the morning 
as do suffer from dry skin more on that area of my body
and I am sure that this would work wonders. 

Green People sell a range of products including products for: 

- Skincare
- Body care
- Hair
- Babies and Children 
- Men 

and also sell 
- Toothpaste
- make up 
- sun care
- Vegan products
- Travel size products
- Gift sets.

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