Sebamed Review and Competition

Sebamed is one of the world’s leading medicinal skin care brands. 
They create soap-free products with the same pH value as the skin  (PH 5.5.) 
All of Sebameds product range cleanse and nourish your skin without breaking the skin’s natural acid protection mantle and are suitable for all skin types. 
Dermatologists and skin experts worldwide recommend Sebamed and all products
 have to pass dermatological and clinical testing. 

Sebamed was established back in 1957 by German dermatologist Dr. Heinz Maurer.
 which  lead to the development of a range of soap free cleansing and skincare products to protect and cleanse the skin. Since then, Sebamed has become the world's leading pH 5.5 skincare brand.

I was sent 6 Sebamed products 
- The liquid face and body Wash 
- The moisturising body lotion (which I forgot to photograph) 
- The Anti stretch mark cream 
-The hand and nail cream
- The Lip defence 
- The revitalising shampoo 

Liquid face and body wash

A  soap free face and body wash 
 that's gentle and deep cleanses your pores. 
This wash is mild so is great on sensitive skin 
and suited for frequent use. 
I have been using this wash daily and love it 
my skin has felt clean and fresh after every use. 
The wash has a very fresh and clean smell to it 
which is different from the usual facial washes I use. 
I also love that you only to use a tiny bit each time 
as it would me more than enough.
RRP:£5.59 for  200ml 

Moisturising body lotion

This body lotion has an active moisturising complex 
which nourishes and preserves the skins natural balance. 
This body lotion is suitable for all skin types and is naturally 
cooling and calming. 
I love the faint smell of Camomile and that the texture is non greasy 
and absorbs quickly into your skin. 
RRP:£5.59 for 200ml 

Anti stretch marks cream 

When you think of Anti stretch marks cream if is usually used
for someone who has gained stretch marks from pregnancy. 
Thanks to constant weight loss or gain I have stretch marks on my tummy
which I am eager to help fade away. 
Sebameds Anti stretch marks cream is suitable in preventing stretch marks
as well as reducing the appearance of already existing stretch marks. 
The product has natural avocado oil and shear butter which together with other
lipids provide effective care and protection of the skin layers.
The other great thing about this cream is that for those of you that are pregnant 
and/or have a baby this is suitable to be used during breast feeding 
and is suitable as a massage cream. 
I have noticed when using this product that my stretch marks seem to be fading 
and over a prolonged period I feel that it would work even more. 

Hand and nail cream

In the winter months I notice that the skin on my hands
are more prone to drying out and cracking. 
The hand and nail cream is an effective moisturiser that makes 
hands soft and smooth. 
This cream is suitable for use after frequent hand washing. 
This cream also contains Bisabolol and Panthenol 
which calms and prevents skin irritation. 
I love how like the body lotion the cream absorbs into the skin
and is non greasy. 
RRP: £4.69 

Lip defence 

This lip defence balm contains SPF 30 
and is ideal care for dry and chapped lips. 
The balm 
Regenerates dry and chapped lips quickly and effectively
and defends  tender lips with UVA and UVB filters against sun burn and its consequences.
I love this lip balm so much its the best I have used and is now my 
make-up staple. 
RRP: £2.99 

Revitalising shampoo 

Features a active organic protein complex 
and rebalances the scalp counteracting dryness
this shampoo is ideal for those that suffer from an 
irritated scalp as well as 
regenerates the structure of the hair that's subjected to frequent 
washing, permanent waves, colouring and bleaching, styling, environmental influences.
 I love this shampoo I normally suffer from an irritated scalp which is annoying
but since using this shampoo I've not had an irritated scalp at all. 

Over all I would just like to say that I rate Sebamed highly and would definitely be using their
products again. 

Now One lucky person has the opportunity to win a Sebamed goodie bag with 
all the products mentioned in this post. 

All you have to do is fill in the rafflecopter form below for your chance to win this fab range. 
The competition is open from today until the 16th good luck. 

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