Amazon Purchases

I've been meaning to write this for ages but never got round to 
it due to having so much to review amongst other things. 

First of all for Christmas I got a £20 Amazon gift voucher from my 
mother in law, so I decided I wanted to buy some books with it. 

I decided to get my own Bible I had one as a child
but children being children it got ruined.
Now I am not extremely religious but I do however like to
go to Church occasionally, so I decided it would be nice
to get my own little bible. 

The other two books I decided to get were 
- The Ultimate PCOS Handbook 
- Katie Piper Things Get Better

Now if you started reading my blog last year before
I got really passionate about it, you would 
have read my post about PCOS awareness ( you can read it here
so you would know I am a sufferer. 

Now I've read up about PCOS for years but never really done anything about
it and there being so much to digest about my condition 
I decided that way to go would be to get a book about it. 
This book is very informative and very helpful 
so if you or someone you know suffers from PCOS than 
I do really recommend this book. 

I also decided to get Katie Piper's book as I had heard
so much about it and how inspiring it is. 
I am yet to read it as I have so many books to get through atm. 

I was also lucky enough to get a £50 Amazon voucher for signing
up to be part of the Daxon group so here is what I decided to buy. 

First of all I got some bits for my lovely husband 
He is Sonic The Hedgehog obsessed so it was 
only natural that when I asked him what he would 
like he decided to choose something Sonic.
The encyclopedia is filled with info about the characters. 

Now this other thing is kinda a little weird 
its meant to be excellent for stress relief, and great for 
educational uses. 
you can make loads of different shapes out of it 
and its kinda fun.
 I would recommend it for adults who like to
play around with play dough when your with the kids 
as it has that kinda fun factor but for adults. 
Be careful with this around kids if you do buy one 
due to small pieces. 

Now for what I got myself 
a lovely new floral duvet and pillow 
case cover set and a lovely Sass and Belle 
owl cushion. 

I love shabby chic type items and the whole floral theme.
Lucky for me my hubby lets me get away with this so our bedroom 
is starting to get more into that theme. 

Here is a close up of the lovely floral pattern. 

The Sass and Belle owl cushion has to be my favourite 
out of all the bits I have brought. 
Stuart says it looks freaky with the eyes made out of 
large buttons but I find it rather cute. 

I hope you have enjoyed this post I'd love to 
know your thoughts on the bits I have brought. 

Would you like to comment?