Looking after your hands

Recently my hands have been very dry and irritated over the last week or so. 
I have been moisturising my hands not often as I probably should have been.
I was on my way to do a mini food shop in this cold weather a few days ago, 
when (even though wearing gloves) my hands cracked on taking off my gloves
my knuckles were bleeding and cracked and very sore. 

So I popped to the skincare aisle and got myself some moisturising gloves and some more
hand cream.

The products above have been a saviour I have been slapping on
hand cream on religiously over the last few days and then in the afternoon's
wearing the gloves for an hour and then doing the same before bed. 
Since then my hands are now getting into much better condition. 

What I have been using

Sebamed Hand and Nail Balm:
I have used this the most often and found that it works

Morrisons Hand and Nail Cream:
This cream is very thick and smells wonderful 
I use this just before putting on the moisturising gloves. 

Moisturising Gloves: 
You can buy these in most supermarkets 
these are ideal at keeping your hands protected at night.

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