Review: Mother's Day Breakfast In Bed with Riverside Lifestyle

Mother's Day, a time to show your Mum that you really do care
and appreciate her. 

As a child I remember me and my Sister making our Mum 
a lovely Breakfast in Bed. 
I also remember on one occasion as well as making her
a lovely cup of tea and some toast to eat that we went into 
the garden and cut a flower from one of the plants in the garden
and put it on the tray as well. 

When me and Stuart have children of our own one day, 
I'd love to stick at this lovely Mother's Day tradition of 
Breakfast in bed. 

Now a lovely company called Riverside Lifestyle have given me 
a range of their Mother's day products that are aimed to create
a wonderful breakfast in bed experience for your Mum. 
I wont be able to do this however I will be passing on these 
wonderful goodies for her to use. 

First of all 
Raspberry and Lavender Jam 
I love Raspberry jam on toast while drinking a steaming mug of coffee. 
The idea of Lavender in Jam sounds quite strange to me but
I am sure that it will taste lovely. 

Next up some lovely handmade garden chocolate's
The handmade chocolate truffles with Dark, Milk and
White chocolate come in 12 different garden flavours
 Lavender, Rose, Blackcurrent, Apple, Rasberry, Raspberry, 
Orange , Lemon, Lime, Cherry, Rhubarb, and Champagne. 

They are all lovingly packaged and as part of the mother's day treat
can be eaten any time of the day not just breakfast. 

Last of all is the Lavender Bath Creamer I received two of these
lovely bath products which would be ideal for a lovely
and relaxing morning/evening soak. 

Product/s Costs

- All of the lovely home made jams retail at £4.70 each 
- The Garden Truffles retail at £7.99 
and last of the all 
- The Bath Creamers are £3 each. 

For more Mother's Day Gift Ideas have a look at their website. 

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