Review: Tropic Skincare Smoothing Cleanser

I am very happy to have been given the chance to review yet another wonderful product 
from the lovely Tropic Skincare range by Susan Ma and Lord Alan Sugar.

This time the 120ml Smoothing Cleanser, £15.00 which is packed in a
lovely eye catching green bottle with a pump action lid
which is then packed in a gorgeous  light and dark green box
along with a soft and fluffy bamboo facecloth. 
The Smoothing Cleanser is  luxuriously indulgent spa facial kit 
which gently cleans and buffs your skin revealing more 
soft, hydrated, radiant looking skin. 

The rich and creamy Smoothing Cleanser is enriched with pure plant actives which 
removes away all make up and impurities (even waterproof mascara) effortlessly. 

The 100% organic bamboo face cloth is naturally antibacterial and super soft 
to gentle buff away dead skin and leave skin feeling smooth and soft. 

Containing extracts of Green Tea,  Eucalyptus,  Golden Jojoba, Vitamin E  and  Avocado
this is an refreshing and indulgent skincare treat. 
The product smells heavenly, I certainly can smell the Green Tea extract which I just love. 

To use you apply 2-4 pumps (2 was enough for me) onto your hands 
rubbing your hands together to warm the cream.
Then gently massage  onto dry skin to dissolve your make up.
Rise off with warm water.
Reapply the cream onto wet face and neck .
Run the bamboo cloth under warm water, 
place over your face for a few seconds to stream and open up your pores
then gentle exfoliate your skin with a circular and upward motion
focusing on your T-zone and jaw line  
The all you have to do is splash your face with cold water to close your pores
and pat dry. 

I found this product to be the best make up remover/cleanser I have ever used.
Not only did it remove all of my make up, leaving my skin feeling fresh and soft 
but it also left my skin less oily too. 

I loved how soft the bamboo face cloth was on my skin too as normally
I find usual face cloth's scratch and leave my skin red and sore after, 
which this didn't. 

I cleanse my face near enough every day so the Smoothing Cleanser
can be used as part of your daily routine or if your like me
and want to keep this as a treat you can use this once or twice a week 
as part of a weekly skincare pamper routine. 

I certainly will be adding this wonderful product to my wish list for
when I run out. 

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