Review: Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief Range

Suffer from sensitive teeth? 
Then you need to try out Colgate's sensitive pro relief range. 
Colgate has a brand spanking New range of products
designed for people like me and you who suffer from 
teeth sensitivity. 

Colgate have formulated four different toothpastes so those 
with sensitive teeth can find the ideal toothpaste. 
from whitening to enamel repair Colgate have got it covered. 

Also even with a mouth wash and a specially designed toothbrush 
you can now keep the pain at bay. 

Colgate® Sensitive Pro-relief™

The Original sensitive pro relief toothpaste gives you instant and 
lasting relief with an exclusive Pro-Argin formula when applied to
sensitive teeth  for 1 minute. 

Colgate® Sensitive Pro-relief™

I was thrilled to be sent the whiting version too as I like to keep 
my teeth sparking white. 
As well as keeping teeth protected from sensitivity the whiting toothpaste
also has a low abrasive formula that gently and effectively removes stains
and helps restore natural whiteness of teeth. 

Colgate® Sensitive Pro-relief™

The mouthwash for me is fab and I have been using it twice a day.
With a unique soft mint flavour this is a pleasant alcohol free mouthwash 
that builds a long lasting barrier that acts as a seal against sensitivity.

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