ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

For the first time in awhile me and Stuart got to have a day out whilst he was off work. 
We were able to spend the day at the Zoo due to swapping one of my competition
wins for an experience day voucher. 

The weather recently has been rather unpredictable but on Wednesday it 
seemed to look like spring is on its way as the sun was in the sky. 

Unfortunately it was a rather cold and windy day so some of the animals wanted to stay in doors
and keep warm, however we did get to see a good amount of animals anyway. 

We had a lovely time and saw a few funny moments such 
as when a chimpanzee gave a big grin for someone's camera, 
the sound of the Rhino making me jump unexpectedly and
a baby Elephant chasing a Grouse around the enclosure. 

Over all we had a fab day and I certainly would love to go again when the
weather is much more warmer. 

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