My Top 5 Summer Must have's

For some reason this post didn't go live on Tuesday 
so 2 posts are going to have to go 
live today. 

Here are my top 5 summer must haves

1. Sun cream

Being really pale I need to make sure I wear a good sun cream 
so that I don''t burn. If you are being thrifty like me
I'd recommend buying a supermarket own brand one for using in this country
if you do happen to be going abroad this year then I higher priced one
is most probably wise.  I also make sure for this country I use a factor 30 and
if I was going abroad I would use a factor 50.

2. Aftersun

To cool your skin down after being out in the sun all day 
I tend to put it on after a cold bath/shower.
Again I would recommend buying a cheapo one if your
trying to be thrifty. 

3. Hair bands, clips, grips

Because the last thing I want is my hair in my face
when its hot and I am a sticky mess. 
You can buy hair bands, clips and grips 
really cheaply. 

4. Fan 

I need to buy a new one but this really is an essential. 
One for when your inside the home to keep you cool
in the evening/night time and a hand held one for 
when your out and about. 

5. Water bottle. 

I have started to up my water intake which to be fair 
I have never really drank the recommended amount. 
I recently brought a Brita filter bottle for operation 
drink more water, it seems to be working as
 I have been drinking an average 2/4 litres a day since buying it. 

What are your summer must haves? 


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