Review and give-away: Healthy Back Bag

About Healthy Back Bag
The Healthy Back Bag was born after Margery Gaffin
noticed that people were walking around with either rucksacks
hanging off one shoulder , or were groaning and twisting under the weight
of a un-ergonomic shoulder bag.

Adding to her frustration at being able to find a bag that was comfortable 
following a recent back surgery.
you can read the full story here if you wish. 

I was given the patent orange back bag to review which retails at £29.50.

The main features of the bag: 
- Non slip shoulder strap
-2 pockets to fit your passport, wallet or mobile
- 2 pen slots
- Key hook
-zipper pocket
- large pocket for book
- Velcro flap pocket
- interior pocket for plane ticket, notepad etc
- a outer gusset pocket for bottle of water, mini umbrella or sunglasses. 

Its a great bag which is very comfortable and I love that it has so much space
with a capacity of 7 litres. 

Now you have a chance to win one all you have to do is enter
the rafflecopter below. 

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