Review: Cadbury Fredo Faces

For all lovers of the mini Freddo chocolate bars
you are going to love the brand new Cadbury Freddo Faces.
The Launch of these yummy chocolate faces marks the 
14th anniversary of the Cadbury Freddo being introduced to the UK. 

Freddo is renowned for being a product targeted for kids.
These 35.0g bags will be hitting the shelves at 52p. 
As usual they are in Cadburys snazzy purple packaging
and you get approx 12 pieces in a pack. 
They are formed in a 'happy', 'grumpy', 'cheeky', 'confused' and 'in love' Freddo faces.

They taste just as lovely as always creamy, sweet, delicious 
tasting milk chocolate. 
Even the big kid in you at heart will love these Freddo faces. 

Overall I have satisfied with these chocolate faces
and I feel they will prove popular not just due to there 
scrummy taste but also as they are portion controlled 
so you get your chocolate hit but not over doing it. 

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