Review: Oxo Household Cleaning Products

OXO sell a range of products for around the home and there saying is 
"tools you can hold on to." 
OXO are dedicated to providing you innovative products,
 for you making everyday a little easier.

Product Lines: 
-Cooking Tools
-Household Cleaning Tools
-Baby and Toddler Products
-Bath Cleaning Tools and Accessories
-Garden Tools
-Storage and Organisation Products
-Waste Cans
-Office Products

why the name OXO?

Because  whether it's horizontal, vertical, upside down or backwards, it always reads OXO

I picked some of their brand spanking new items from the cleaning range to review.

First up is the Deep Clean Brush Set, £6.
I chose these handy little brushes for helping me clean the grime from the tiles in my 
bathroom. Although toothbrushes can be a handy alternative,its not exactly hygienic. 
I am so glad I chose these handy little brushes, not only are they easy to grip 
they are the perfect size and angle for getting into them nasty grimy corners. 

The large brush is ideal for cleaning the grout out from around my taps and also for cleaning
 the stove. 
The small brush is ideal for cleaning in and around fixtures I used this one between 
the tiles in bathroom as it was the ideal size. The brush also has a handy wiper blade
which I used to clean around the plug hole. 

Second I chose the Electronics cleaning brush, £6.
This handy little brush has a slimline silicon wiper which helps remove dust from hard to reach places
I used this clean between my netbook's keys and it now looks so much more cleaner. 
The brush has a cap to protect the silicon wiper. At the other end you have a
a brush with soft bristles ,which is suitable for cleaning mobile phones and camera lenses.
I have used this end of the brush on my camera lens and it seems to have done the job. 

Last of all I chose the compact dustpan and brush set, £7. 
We have needed a dustpan and brush for awhile now but as we live in a small one bed
flat ,we couldn't find one that we would have room for that is until I spotted this one. 

The Brush fits perfectly in the dust pan for storage, keeping dirty bristles covered.
the dustpans flat bottom allows it to stand up making it easy to store on counter tops or shelves
but is also slim enough to fit in a draw. 

I really don't know what I have done without these products they are a life saver and I would
100% recommend them! So go on what are you waiting for find out
where your local stockist is. 

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