Review: Beanies Instant Coffee

I love coffee, without my morning coffee I would most likely
be able to function for the day. 

So when Beanies offered to send me some of their range of 
flavoured coffees from their instant coffee's range, I nearly jumped around the room on caffeine high. 

So if you hate to wait, then Beanies instant coffee is for you.
No syrup, no chemicals, just a blend full of flavour and less than 2 calories
per cup that is ready in a jiffy. 

I was sent two flavours: the caramel and French vanilla. 

As soon as they arrived in the post that evening I made the 
hubby and I a mug of steaming coffee for when he got in from work. 
I chose to try the caramel one first since I know that my husband 
has never really been a fan of vanilla. 
I have since however tried the French vanilla flavoured coffee too 
and can say that I am very impressed. 

On opening the jars of coffee you get an instant waft of the wonderful 
sweet coffee aroma. 

On tasting them they are sweet but not overly powerful which is great.
The coffee is full of flavour and if you normally take sugar or sweetener in 
your coffee than you wont need any or at least as much. 

You can buy Beanies Instant coffee in most Sainsbury's stores 
or online for £2.50 for a 50g jar.

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