Review: Cutey Bracelets

Cutey sell a range of bracelets and bags 
and I was sent two bracelets one from each of there
two bracelet ranges. 

First of all we have the Eros charm bracelet, £12.99. 
Cutey aim to deliver the highest of quality charm bracelets possible. 
There products contain a heavy quality feel giving you a piece of mind
that they wont break. 
Eros meaning greek of love is a bracelet that is 
pinks, greens, hearts and kisses. 
The piece celebrates love . 

Then we have the white shamballa bracelet, £18.99 
Crystal pure and a token of all that’s flawless, sparkling and true. 
This peaceful bracelet will be an island of calm despite the bits of craziness 
each day inevitably brings. Nine serene beads, with 84 crystals on each bead.

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