On January 1st I decided to make a life changing decision 
so on Thursday 3rd January I attended my first slimming world meeting. 

After getting married in February 2012 I had put so much weight 
that by Christmas I was biggest I have ever been. 

The photo taken of me on Christmas day was one of many photo's 
that made me feel sick to the stomach of how much I had let myself
go when it came to my weight. 

I had tried to lose weight before, but I wasn't just with it.
I had never tried going to a slimming club before. 
I have however tired slimming pills, patches and drinks
and really struggled. 

Now just over 31 weeks since I first got on scales
at my local slimming world group  I have lost 3 stone 10 and half pounds!

 I still have quite a bit more that I would love to lose. 

The best things I have found about losing weight: 

- The obvious is being a smaller size I love being able 
to fit in a size 16 and my aim is to be hopefully in a size 12 by the
end of January 2014. 

-  I have some much more energy and have found
love for Zumba.

- I feel more happier

- I am more confident 

- My health issues have improved 

For me loosing weight and getting more fit and healthy is the best decision I have ever 
chosen to do. I have no regrets and certainly don't plan on gaining all the weight back
on any time soon.

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