Slendertone Premium Abs first impressions

First of all I will start by saying that I wasn't asked to do this post 
and that it is of my own accord.

I recently won the Slendertone Premium Ads and it arrived speedy fast
and I gave it a go for the first time yesterday. 

In the box you will find 
- A belt that will fit up to a 44 inch waist 
- A set of three pads 
- a mains adapter
-  a storage bag 
- Information booklet 
- a plug in handset that controls the handset and it's intensity .

So it was rather easy to set up; you have to charge the battery for 3 hours 
before you can give it a go, which can be a rather bit of a pain. 

The booklet tells you where you put the pads on the belt 
but just so you know the large pad goes in the middle of the 
belt so it goes over your navel, the other two small
pads go on your left and right. 

Once you have it all plugged on its very simple to use
and to select the program and intensity level/s. 

Now once you have the program on for my first go it felt 
a little tickle-y but I could feel it kinda working. 
It is recommended that you have it on intensity 15 or over for your first go.
I found 15 to be too low but 40 was a bit too high so I had it on about 35 which was great 
for me for the first time. 

Once having used the belt I certainly felt as if it was working as I felt a little achy. 
It wasn't a major achy feeling and I felt like I hadn't done a major workout 
but something was going on there. 

I am looking forward to trying out the 30 day challenge I'm not sure
how it will go but I feel it would take a few months to really see a difference. 

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