Review:St Grape Invisible Skin Massage Oil

Today we have the second product review from St Grape.
This time we have the Invisible Skin Massage Oil, £25 for 120ml. 
The Invisible Skin Massage Oil is packaged in a glass bottle
as you can see below. 
The item did have a little mishap in the post meaning 
that some of the oil had leaked.
St Grape  however have confirmed that they will be changing the packaging
in the final Christmas versions to prevent this from happening. 

The invisible skin massage oil uses oils that are pure and natural aroma oils
 distilled from plants, trees, roots and seeds.
Our skin on our body is just like the skin on our face and needs
to maintain a moist and smooth look. 
The oil can be used as an all over massage oil
but also as a reviving facial serum to promote a healthy balance between body and mind. 

Stock Image


Apply 3-5 drops (on face, only 1 drop) of this the Oil onto your skin.
 Gently massage, using upward, outward, and circular movements.
Ensure the area of skin is slightly moist prior to application. 

- 100% Organic
- 100% Pure essential oils 
- Non greasy 
- Absorbs really quickly
- Great price as a little goes a long way


- Packaging however as this is changing I feel that 
can be a pro as well. 

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