Review: BlanX Whiteshock LED ToothPaste

Right I am back, and  I am sharing with you 
a whitening toothpaste today that I hadn't heard of before.

BlanX WhiteShock LED Toothpaste! 
A toothpaste that helps to give you a whiter smile with a difference. 
BlanX White Shock, is a  new range of products with a revolutionary patented formula with
 Actilux®, the active ingredient that uses the power of light to whiten teeth.

All you have to do is fix the LED light lid onto your toothpaste tube
and then when you use the the toothpaste the LED light helps 
to kill any germs on your toothbrush and in the toothpaste 
while activating the whitening ingredient in the toothpaste.

You also have the option of shining the light onto your teeth after cleaning
to also help activate the whitening effect. 

- Has a lovely minty taste
- Non abrasive 
- enamel protection 
- keeps your gums healthy and hydrated 
- removes bacteria that causes plaque and cavities

- Price £4.99 for a 50ml tube 
- I have yet to see a noticeable difference

A great toothpaste but just like with most teeth whitening products you 
would have to trial the product over time to see if it actually works and with it
costing £4.99 for a 50ml tube I feel that being a thrifty person I could
leave it. 

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