Slimming World : An Update


I've not done a Slimming World/Weight-loss post in a while so today 
I am giving you a little update on how I am doing and also
share with you one of my biggest fears. 

Regular readers will know that I decided to change my life back in January 
by going to Slimming World. 
I have never been to any other slimming club before so it was all very new to me. 

Last week I got this award!

My total Weight- loss is 5 stone 2 lb's to date. 
All my family and friends are extremely proud of me 
that I have managed to loose this much within under a year! 

I don't have an updated photo of me at the moment but the below photo's were all taken 
back in September so I am 2 stone and 6lb lighter now than in these photo's. 

Here are some fab things I've found with loosing weight: 

I have more energy
I can now go for long walks and last longer doing exercises
on the wii without getting out of breath. 

I love fruit
I use to hate fruit but love my vegetables I now eat more fruit
my favourites being pears, strawberries, banana's and mango. 

I've gone down 5 dress sizes
I've gone down from a size 24 to a size 12/14 
I still have moments when out shopping and I end up looking at the bigger sizes.

I drink more water
Yes this shouldn't be a big deal but I use to be really
bad at drinking water but now I try and drink at least a litre a day. 

I sometimes don't recognise myself
from time to time when I see my reflection I can't
get over how much weight I have lost and how different I look.

Now there is a little something that recently I have noticed
my weight-loss is starting to slow down.
I think my body has got the stage where it's got use to it! 
I'm not too far away from target now and hope to get their by April . 

But I now have a fear I am scared of gaining weight! 
I don't want to go back to the girl I was back when I was a size 24. 
I was unhappy and it was bad for my health. 
It's got to the point where I have to weigh myself every day and not just once
a day either! If I can't I start feeling a little panicky which isn't good for me at all.

I am known at my slimming club as the girl who always has a steady
loss week in week out with only a few gains or maintains here or there.

When I do gain even if it's just 1/2lb or maintain I feel really 
down and low.
 I also have the fear of when I get to target that I will struggle 
to keep within the target range. 
I also worry that once I do hit target I feel that I am invincible 
and end up scoffing myself silly and then be back at square one. 

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  1. I'm 20 and through my teens I gained a hell of a lot of weight I went up to a size 20 and hated it. I decided last November to make a change and I lost 5 stone 6lbs and am now a size 8/10. But like you I have the fear of gaining weight I way twice a day morning and night and get panicky and worried if I have a slight gain. It's awful! Well done on your weight loss you look amazing lets hope we can both get over this stupid weighing dilemma xx

  2. Joanna, you look amazing and are such an inspiration. After Christmas I'm going to really pull my finger out and loose some weight too.

  3. WOW! What an absolutely awesome achievement - well done you. xxx

  4. Wow, what an amazing achievement, a great inspiration to anyone who wants to lose weight

  5. Thats some epic achievement..well done you should post a start pic and a more current pic too, i do love diet pics, you look amazing xx

  6. Congrats on that - amazing achievement! :)

  7. Well done, you look great. You should be very proud of yourself.x

  8. Well done, you look great. You should be really proud of yourself.x

  9. Well done you, Slimming World is fantastic, not only do you eat well on it, you meet new friends. I loved it.

  10. You've done incredibly well and its hard to change all your habits and feelings about food. It becomes a way of life though and you'll adapt to be able to cope with little ups and downs. As long as overall you can keep it up as healthy eating for life you'll be fine. Good luck! x

  11. Wow you have done so well, congratulations!
    I really don't know what to say about your fees because maintaining is so difficult. I myself have lost a lot of weight and put it all back on two times now. You certainly sound as though you have more motivation than me though so I am sure you will be fine! xx

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life

  12. Aww youve done so well! Such an inspiration. Ive been yo yoing for about 15 years now and now im finally ok health wise im going to give it a good go this year. Hopefully my health dont fail me again and put me back to the start of this rut! I think once youve hit target you will love it so much all your fears will go away xx