The Reindeer Girl Children's Book

Happy Christmas Eve everyone!

The people from The Little Tiger Press who publish children's books 
have sent me this lovely little book " The Reindeer Girl" 
By Holly Webb. 

I am hoping I will have time over Christmas to read this to my little 
nephews as having read the book myself I think it's such a lovely little story. 
I am actually going to keep this book for when me and Stuart have our own children. 

The book is a magical and wintry story of a little girl who makes a very special friendship 
just in time for Christmas. 
One Christmas, Lotta is visiting her great-grandmother in Norway.
 Soon, she finds herself drawn into a magical adventure
 – travelling by sledge, herding reindeer from the snowy mountains to the summer pastures. 
But when a mother reindeer is lost, Lotta must find her before her calf starves…

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