Comparing and Buying Dishwashers

I love having a nice and tidy home however when it comes to chores
my least favourite of the lot is washing up. 

I've always wanted us to get our own dishwasher and I think
its something worth saving up for.

One of the main things when looking to get a dishwasher is to 
Compare dishwashers but what I didn't know is there are four different types. 

-  Full Size
- Slimline
- Integrated
- counter top

We currently live in a small one bed flat and our kitchen is tiny.
 If we were to buy one we would have to decide which dishwasher would best suit us. 
 At the moment that would be a counter top one since there is only the two of us at current
and lack of space would mean it would be ideal for us. 

There is one thing however that will affect us with regards to a 
dishwasher and that is because we happen to live in a hard water area. 
As we live in a hard water area we should also use Rinse Aid and Dishwasher Salt.
This would improve the performance of the dishwasher and get rid of any unwanted
lime deposits.

Another thing for us would be that we would make the most of any dishwasher we
have by making sure we know ways of making sure we save energy, water and money. 

On behalf of Dishwashing Expert.